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Cataclean "Powershot" Bike

  • Manufactured by: Cataclean

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Cataclean® is the most well-known brand of fuel system and exhaust engine cleaner, with many years of proven success.
Cataclean® PowerShot Bike is compatible with all motorcycles, scooters/mopeds including 2-stroke engines and diesels.

Cataclean® will remove the residual carbon that accumulates around the valves and injectors to restore the power and torque to original levels.
If a bike has been left in storage/unused for some time, Cataclean® will improve starting and engine performance.

It will also clean the entire exhaust system (catalytic converter and oxygen/lambda sensors), restoring the efficiency and reducing the emissions. Consequently Cataclean is often used to clear the MIL engine check warning due to poor efficiency of the catalytic converter or clogged oxygen sensors.

How Does Cataclean® Work?

What Does Cataclean do? - Cataclean

How to Use Cataclean®

The recommended ratio of use is one bottle 250ml of Cataclean® to 5l of fuel.
The engine should be at its operating temperature.
Add the entire contents of the 250ml bottle and ride for at least 15 minutes

For the maximum cleaning and maintenance of your engine, use Cataclean® three times a year or four times if the bike is mainly used for city riding/short trips.

How to use Cataclean? - Cataclean


There are many reviews and tests of Cataclean® available on the web. Here are some on YouTube.

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