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DENALI D4 Hi-Power Quad LED Light Kit

  • Model: TT-DNL.D4.10000
  • Manufactured by: DENALI Electronics

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The DENALI D4 TriOptic™ LED Light kit is one of the most powerful LED lighting systems on the market today but draws only 6.6A at full power.

The system comprises two tough metal housings equipped with eight high-power LEDs. The housings are made from aluminium with a black powder-coated finish and have cooling fins cast into the body for maximum heat dissipation.

DENALI Lights - EU Compliance

DENALI lights were originally designed for the USA market. Subsequently, due to demand, they were imported and marketed to the rest of the world, including the EU. EU rules are extremely restrictive and so the certifications had to be done in accordance with the performance of each light and not the intended use. Consequently the certifications are not realistically useable to homologate the products in Spain, apart from the D3 fog light which can be homologated.

Nonetheless DENALI continue to be in demand in Spain due to their outstanding quality.

Please note there is NO EU category for "auxiliary lights". Additional front-facing lights can only be homologated as "fog lights".

"Headlight" replacement means that
one additional light may be used with the existing main beam light
but two lights may NOT be used with the existing main beam light: in this case the function of the original main beam must be anulled and the two lights replace the original.

The EU compliance (E-Mark approval/homologation) documentation for all products can be downloaded from the DENALI website here.

D2 Lights
The D2s are not sufficiently powerful to be classed as replacements for the main beam headlamp and are too powerful to be classed as fog lamps, so were certified as “AR-Reversing Lamps” in order to have some certification, rather than none at all.

D3 Driving Lights
Certified as a R-main beam headlamp replacement.

D3 Fog Lights
Certified as fog lights so can be homologated in Spain.

D4 Lights
Certified as a R-main beam headlamp replacement.

D7 Lights
Certified as a R-main beam headlamp replacement.

DM Lights
The DMs are not sufficiently powerful to be classed as replacements for the main headlamp and are too powerful to be classed as fog lamps, so were certified as “AR-Reversing Lamps” in order to have some certification, rather than none at all.

DR1 Lights
Certified as a R-main beam headlamp replacement.

S4 Lights
Not certified.

Video Comparison of OEM and DENALI D4 lights

Light Coverage

The kit includes two different pairs of lenses ("True-Hybrid"™ and Spot) to provide three types of light coverage.

1 - "True-Hybrid"™ Beam Pattern

In this configuration, each housing uses the same "True-Hybrid™" lens plates: the two upper lenses are spots and the two lower lenses are floods. The housings are supplied from the factory with these lenses already fitted as this is the most common configuration.
This provides a 172m (560') forward beam with 42m (140') wide side-coverage.

DENALI D4 True-Hybrid beam pattern

2 - Spot Beam Pattern

Each housing is fitted with the same Spot lens plates. Each of the four lenses are spots. The spot lens plates are included in the kit but are not fitted by default.
This provides a 243m (800') forward beam with 33m (110') wide side-coverage.

DENALI D4 Spot beam pattern

3 - Spot-Hybrid Beam Pattern

Each housing is fitted with a different lens plate: one with a "True-Hybrid"™ and the other with a Spot lens.
This provides a 190m (625') forward beam with 42m (140') wide side-coverage.

DENALI D4 Spot-Hybrid beam pattern

How are the lights controlled?

The lights are controlled by a high-quality, waterproof On/Off switch, included in the kit.

It is also possible to use the lights at half intensity and/or controlled by the vehicle's original main-beam switch by using additional accessories (not included in the kit): see the Optional Upgrades section below.


Due the size of the D4 housings, they are normally fitted to crash bars or other types of robust bike protection systems.

Installation Instructions: English

Video Installation on a Suzuki V-Strom

Kit Contents

  • D4 LED light housings x 2
  • "True-Hybrid"™ lens plates (pre-installed in the housings) x 2
  • Spot lens plates (CE-Mark approved) x 2
  • HotSwap™ single intensity wiring harness x 1
  • DrySeal™ waterproof illuminated switch x 1
  • Switch support for 22mm (7/8in) handlebars x 1
  • Switch support for 25mm (1in) handlebars x 1
  • Housing brackets with M8 fixings x 2
  • Cable ties x 4
  • Adhesive square x 1


  • LED Types: 10W Cree XPL HI LED x 8
  • Current Consumption: 6.6 amps
  • Spot Beam Reach: 243m/800 feet
  • Flood Beam Width: 33m/110 feet
  • Total Light Output: 8760 Lumens
  • Operating Voltage: 12 Vdc
  • Dimensions of Light Housings: 9.9x9.9x6.6cm (3.9x3.9x2.6 inches)

Also Available (optional) Amber Lens Plates

DENALI D4 Amber lens platesBlue light is reflected by fog/water vapour/rain. The DENALI Amber Lens Plates filter out the blue component from the LED white light and so improve visibility in fog and rain.

This kit includes two pairs of lenses:
"True-Hybrid"™ lenses (two upper spot lenses and two lower flood-style) x 2
"Spot" (four spot lenses) x 2.

The amber lenses for the D4 lights are available here.

Supports for DENALI lights: see the DENALI website for options.

DENALI 2.0 Lights - Common Characteristics

High Power LEDs - HiDrive™

DENALI DR1 LED closeup

The LEDs used in all DENALI 2.0 systems are the latest generation "Hi-Intensity" LEDs from Cree.

Compared to the DENALI 1.0 series, these produce 20% more light (lumens) for the same low current consumption.

Advanced Thermal Management - LiveActive™

DENALI DR4 heatsinks

LEDs last longer and output more light when they are kept cool. The DENALI 2.0 lights have advanced software control "LiveActive"™ integrated into the LEDs and external oversize heatsinks cast into the housing to maximise the efficiency minute-by-minute and ensure the longest lifetime.

Multi-Beam Lens system - TriOptic™

DENALI beam comparison

All kits include two spot lenses and two flood lenses to allow a choice of three lighting patterns. Use two spot lenses for the maximum forward reach, two elliptical floods for maximum side spread, or one of each for a combined effect.

In addition to providing three beam options in one kit, the second set of spot-only lenses are CE-certified. This ensures you can stay street-legal on-road while maintaining the option for maximum distance off-road.

Fully Waterproof Construction - DrySeal™

DENALI D4 waterproof housing

The seals between the components of the housings are moulded silicon and the cable entry points are potted in epoxy to ensure the housings are 100% watertight even when submerged. The control switches (On/Off and Off/Low/High) are also 100% waterproof.

Corrosion-Proof Bezels - Impact PC™

DENALI D2 bezel

The front bezels always bear the brunt of stone damage and so the coated aluminium of the main housing is not always an appropriate material. The housing bezels are moulded in 100% polycarbonate (DR2, DM and DR1 only/not D4) for the best possible resistance to stone damage, providing a tough surface that does not rust or fade with the sun.

Chromed Reflectors

DENALI DM closeup

The internal LED holders are plated in high reflective chrome to focus all the generated light forward and to better match the bike's original headlights

Low-profile mounts and stainless-steel fixings

DENALI D2 bracket

The hinged mounts are designed to reduce the installed profile to the minimum possible while maintaining high strength. All screws and nuts are manufactured in stainless-steel.

Waterproof Switch – "DrySeal"™

DENALI waterproof switches

All DENALI switches are completely waterproof to ensure a long lifetime in harsh, outdoor conditions. The switches can be mounted on a flat surface or a handlebar (22mm/25mm).

HotSwap™ Wiring Harness

DENALI DataDim relays

The cabling uses high-quality waterproof components and allows a simple upgrade to dual intensity LEDs by the use of the DataDim™ Controller Relay (available here).

Optional Upgrades

DataDim™ Controller

DENALI DataDim relay

This relay allows the lights to be switched between Off/Low Intensity/High Intensity.

The lights are switched Off/On by the standard switch included in this kit.
The Low/High intensity is controlled by the original main beam switch of the motorcycle via a connection to the original main beam circuit.

The DataDim™ controller relay (available here) replaces the Single-Intensity relay that is included in the kit.

DataDim™ Controller + Hi/Low/Off Switch

DENALI DataDim relay and Hi-Low-Off switch

This option provides full control of the lights independently of the main beam control.

In some motorcycles it is impossible to use the main beam control and so this manually-operated switch is required.
This option replaces the standard Single-Intensity relay with a DataDim relay (available here) and replaces the standard Off/On switch with the Off/Low/High switch (available here).

Switch Eliminator

DENALI Lights Switch Eliminator

This allows the lights to automatically switch on with the ignition circuit, so are always on when riding. This option replaces the standard On/Off switch and is available here.

Harness Extension

DENALI harness extension cable

This cable extends the length of the standard lighting harness by 61cm (24") and features the same high-quality waterproof connectors as the original DENALI cables. It is available here.

Y-Splitter Kit

DENALI harness Y-Splitter cable

If you wish to add one or two more lights to your existing DENALI system, the "Y" splitter kit makes that very easy. It is available here.

Auxiliary LED Brake light

DENALI B6 Auxiliary Brake Light

The B6 LED auxiliary brake light is a great safety addition to your existing brake light to wake up those cage-drivers! The unit comprises six 0.5W LEDs in a very compact, low-profile housing and is available here.