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PSE - PAIR System Eliminator/Emulator

  • Model: HT-PSE
  • Manufactured by: Healtech Electronics

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The PSE Eliminator prevents the ECU detecting the removal/disconnection of the PAIR system and the FI error light showing on the dash.

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Healtech Visual/photo installation guides

Healtech User/Installation Manuals

What is the PAIR system?

The PAIR system injects clean air into the exhaust headers to complete the combustion of any unburnt fuel exiting the engine, and so reduce emissions of unburnt hydrocarbons to meet the limits of emission controls.
This is the reason why there may be "popping" sounds on heavy deceleration or back-firing with after-market exhaust systems: that is the unburnt fuel combusting in the exhaust.

It is common for racing bikes to have the PAIR system removed for the reduction in weight and to use a performance exhausts system with customised fuel mapping. The ECU detects that the PAIR unit is missing and so displays the "FI" error on the dash.
It is very important that this "false" error is removed as otherwise it will mask any other fault that may occur subsequently.

¿What does the PS Eliminator do?

The PSE Eliminator emulates the PAIR system and so the ECU does not detect that the system is missing and does not display the "FI" error.

The unit is extremely small (14x40mm) and lightweight (20g) and only needs to be plugged directly into the bike harness, no cutting or soldering required: each of the PSE units is designed for a specific range of bikes and comes ready with the correct connector to ensure a 100% "Plug & Play" installation.

The PSE is 100% waterproof and come with a two-year guarantee.


  1. Ensure all lambda/oxygen sensors have been removed/annulled.
  2. Remove the PAIR valve and air pipes.
  3. Close off the holes in the air-box and the cylinder head.
  4. Connect the PSE and secure it with cable ties.

See the Healtech example installation guides here.