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FI Tuner Pro for Suzuki

  • Model: HT-FIT-S0x
  • Manufactured by: Healtech Electronics

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The FI Tuner Pro is a Fuel Injection Tuning module for specific Suzuki motorcycles.

It is unique in the tuning market in that it enables you to adjust the air/fuel mixture across the entire range of rpm/accelerator position without modifying the original ECU in any way! It uses the expansion port of the ECU to override the stock FI map in real-time and so control the injectors with the original cabling: no need to install a new harness in-line with the original (as with a Power Commander or Bazaaz).

It is the most cost-effective solution to obtain a perfect FI map for your bike (when calibrated with an exhaust gas analyser).

It is also the easiest way to reduce the CO emissions level to pass the ITV: eg. a GSX-R1000 2005 with a stock emission of 4% can be reduced to 0.25% by a -15/20% reduction in the mixture using the FI Tuner Pro.

Compatible with most Suzuki fuel injected motorcycles from 1997-2015.



KLV1000 (2004-2006)


SUZUKI AN400 Burgman (2003-2006), AN650 Burgman (2003-2012), B-King (2008-2012), Boulevard C50 (2005-2012), Boulevard M50 (2009-2012), Boulevard C90 (2005-2012), Boulevard M90 (2009-2013), Boulevard M109R/R2 (2006-2012), DL1000 V-Strom (2002-2013), GSF650 Bandit (2007-2013), GSF1250 N/NA Bandit (2007-2010), GSF1250 S/SA Bandit (2007-2014), GSR400 (ALL years), GSR600 (ALL years), GSX650F (2008-2015), GSX1250FA (2010-2014), GSX1300R Hayabusa (1999-2012), GSX-R600 (2001-2010), GSX-R750 (1998-2010), GSX-R1000 (2001-2011), Intruder C800 (2005-2012), Intruder M800 (2009-2012), Intruder C1500 (2005-2012), Intruder M1500 (2009-2013), Intruder M1800R (2006-2012), RM-Z250 [FI model] (ALL years), RM-Z450 [FI model] (ALL years), SV1000 (2003-2009), TL1000R (1998-2003), TL1000S (1997-2003), TU250 (2009-2017), TU250X (2018-2019), VL800 Intruder Volusia (2005-2012), VL1500 Intruder (2005-2012), VZ800 Marauder (2009-2012), VZ1500 (2009-2013), VZR1800 (2006-2012)



GSF1250 N/NA Bandit (2011-2013), GSR750 (2011-2012), GSX-R600 (2011-2012), GSX-R750 (2011-2012)

List Updated 28/09/2019

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Healtech Visual/photo installation guides

Healtech User/Installation Manuals

The FI Tuner Pro is unique in the tuning marketplace - it constantly communicates with the factory ECU (bike computer) to modify the fuelling map in real-time to get the fuelling right, no matter what exhaust system and/or air filter in use.

How does the FI Tuner Pro work?

The FI Tuner Pro system uses a Windows-based software program to make changes (+/-) to the standard mapping across the rpm range: you can download it from here to try it out!

The software creates and loads up to two different maps in the FI Tuner Pro hardware module that is installed on the bike. The hardware module connects to the ECU expansion port and continuously overrides the factory mapping while you ride the bike. Unlike other re-mapping systems on the the market it makes no permanent changes to the ECU.

While it is best to get a custom map made (on a rolling road with a an exhaust gas analyser) for your custom setup, there are pre-defined maps available for download from Healtech Electronics.

Why use the FI Tuner Pro?

The module improves throttle response and power at all throttle positions, in the entire RPM range. The engine becomes smooth and precise. Increased torque at low RPMs allows using one gear higher than usual, which also improves fuel economy.

Pass the ITV emissions test by reducing the fuel/air mixture.

Why is the FI Tuner Pro cheaper than competing FI modules?

The FI Tuner Pro uses the original ECU to control ALL the injectors using the original cabling. Traditional competing FI tuners use an extra ECU and additional cabling to intercept and modify the fuel injector control signals.

FI Tuner Pro Features

  • Quick and simple to install: connects to the ECM expansion port under the seat. No need to remove the fuel tank or any fairing. Download the instructions here.
  • One module fits most Suzuki EFI motorcycles (from 1997 to 2015), which can be transferred to another bike within minutes.
  • Can be mapped at 11 throttle positions, in 500 RPM increments across the full RPM range.
  • Controls both fuel injector lines (8 injectors) and supports fuel addition as well as subtraction.
  • The software runs on any version of Windows. Native USB support, no need to install drivers and no need to use a UART bridge.
  • Quick and Easy software setup: Auto cell select, immediate AFR response to cell change. Simple interface, no confusing options to select.
    3 independent, user-selectable maps (MAP1, MAP2, Zero MAP).
  • It is the smallest, most compact FI tuning module on the market, fits under the rider's seat.
  • Automatic software and fail-safe firmware update.
  • 30-day money back guarantee and 5-YEAR WARRANTY.
  • Best value (price/performance) when compared against other FI modules. Fully compatible with all HealTech and other aftermarket products.

FI Tuner Pro Installation

  1. Disconnect the O2/Lambda sensor.
  2. Fix the exhaust valve in the open position.
  3. Connect the FI Tuner pro to the cable from the throttle position sensor (TPS).
  4. Connect the FI Tuner pro to a cable with a RPM signal ("pickup" - crankshaft position sensor / tachometer).
  5. Connect the FI Tuner pro to the ECU Expansion Port.
  6. Install the software.
  7. Connect the computer to the module and modify the standard map, or download and install a map from HealTech.

FI Tuner pro Installation

How the FI Tuner pro software reacts in testing

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