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GIpro X-Type WSS Gear Indicator w/ speed sensor

  • Model: HT-GPX-WSS-KIT
  • Manufactured by: Healtech Electronics

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The Healtech GIpro X-Type WSS Gear Indicator is compatible with:
APRILIA RS 125 (2017-2020), RS 250 (ALL years), Tuono 125 (2017-2020), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) BMW F650GS (ALL years), G650GS (ALL years), G650X (ALL years), R nineT [Euro 3 spec] (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) BENELLI ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) BETA 350RR / RR-S (ALL years), 390RR / RS / RR-S (ALL years), 430RR / RS / RR-S (ALL years), 480RR (ALL years), 500RS /RR-S (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) BUELL 1190 RS/RX/SX (ALL years), AX (2015), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) CFMOTO Leader (2013-2015), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) CAGIVA ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) DUCATI MH900e (2001-2002), Monster 400 (1995-1997), Monster 600 (1993-1999), Monster 750 (1993-2001), Monster 900 (1993-1999), Monster S4 (2001), Superbike 748 (2000-2002), Superbike 996 (1999-2001), Superbike 998 (2002-2003), Supersport [ALL variants] (1991-1998), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) GILERA ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) HARLEY DAVIDSON ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) HONDA CB125F (ALL years), CB125R (2018-2022), CB223S (ALL years), CB250F [with cable speedo] (ALL years), CB600F Hornet [non-ABS] (1998-2002), CBF125 (2009-2015), CBR125R (2004-2010), CBR600F [non-ABS] (1991-1994), CBR1000F (ALL years), CMX250 Rebel (ALL years), CRF80F (ALL years), CRF100F (ALL years), CRF110F (ALL years), CRF125F (ALL years), CRF150F/R (ALL years), CRF230F (ALL years), CRF250R/X (ALL years), CRF450R/X (2007-2022), FTR223 (ALL years), GL1500 Goldwing (ALL years), NSF250R (ALL years), NT650V Deauville (ALL years), VFR750 (1990-1993), VLS400 Steed (ALL years) HUSQVARNA FC250 (ALL years), FC/FX350 (2014-2022), FC/FX 450 (2011-2022), FE250 (ALL years), FE350 (ALL years), FE350s (ALL years), FE450 (ALL years), FE501 (ALL years), FE501s (ALL years), FS450 (2015-2022), FS570 (2010-2011), Nuda 900 (ALL years), TC50 (ALL years), TC65 (ALL years), TC85 17/14 (ALL years), TC85 19/16 (ALL years), TC125 (ALL years), TC250 (ALL years), TE125 (ALL years), TE150 (ALL years), TE250 (ALL years), TE300 (ALL years), TX300 (ALL years), ALL with cable or no speedo (ALL years) HYOSUNG ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) INDIAN Chief Classic (ALL years), Chief Dark Horse (ALL years), Chief Vintage (ALL years), Chieftain (2014-2022), Chieftain Elite (2020-2022), Challenger (2020-2022), Roadmaster (2015-2022), Roadmaster Dark Horse (2020-2022), Roadmaster Elite (2019-2022), Vintage (2021-2022), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) KTM 1050 Adventure (2015-2017), 1090 Adventure (2017-2018), 1190 Adventure (2013-2017), SMR 450 [non-FI model] (ALL years), SMR 450 [FI model] (2012-2022), SX 125 (ALL years), SX 150 (ALL years), SX 250 (ALL years), SX 350 (ALL years), SX 450 [non-FI model] (ALL years), SX 450 [FI model] (2014-2022), ALL with cable or no speedo (ALL years) KAWASAKI Eliminator (ALL years), ER-5 (ALL years), Estrella [non-FI model] (ALL years), KLE500 (ALL years), KLR650 A/B/C/E (ALL years), KX250F (2011-2022), KX450F (2009-2022), Ninja 250R [non-FI model] (ALL years), ZRX1100 (ALL years), ZRX1200 (2001-2008), ZX-6R Ninja [non-ABS] (1995-1997), ZX-7R Ninja (1996-2003), ZXR400 (ALL years), ZX-11 (ALL years), ZZR1100 (ALL years), ZZR1200 (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) MV AGUSTA F3 800 [ABS] (2011-2022), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) MOTO GUZZI ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) OHVALE GP-0 110 4-speed (ALL years), GP-0 160 4-speed (ALL years), GP-0 190 Daytona (ALL years), GP2 (ALL years) ROYAL ENFIELD Bullet 500 B5 / C5 / G5 (ALL years), Classic 500 (ALL years), Continental GT Cafe Racer (ALL years), Scrambler (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) SUZUKI Boulevard S40 (ALL years), DR125SM (ALL years), DR-Z400E (ALL years), GS500F (ALL years), GSX-R600 (1996), GSX-R750 (1989-1995), GSX-R1100 (ALL years), GSX-R1100W (ALL years), GZ125 (2007-2011), RM-Z250 [non-FI model] (ALL years), RM-Z450 [non-FI model] (ALL years), RV125 VanVan (2003-2015), RV200 VanVan (2016-2020), ST250X (2008-2011), TU250 (2009-2017), TU250X (2018-2020), VL400 (2009-2011), VZ400 (2009-2013), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) TRIUMPH Bonneville [with mechanic odo] (ALL years), Daytona 955i (1997-2001), Scrambler [with mechanic odo] (ALL years), Thruxton [with mechanic odo] (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) VICTORY ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) YAMAHA FZ150 [non-FI model] (2008-2012), SZ150 (ALL years), SZ16 (ALL years), TZR50 (2016-2017), TT-R110 (ALL years), TT-R125 (ALL years), TT-R230 (ALL years), TT-R250 (ALL years), TW200 (ALL years), V-Star [250cc / 650cc] (ALL years), Virago (ALL years), WR250F (2001-2005), XJR1300 (1999-2003), XT250 (2005-2022), XV250 (ALL years), XVS650 (ALL years), YBR125 (ALL years), YBR250 (2007-2012), YD110 (ALL years), YZ-125X (2020-2022), YZ-250F [FI model] (ALL years), YZ-450F [FI model] (ALL years), YZF600R Thundercat (ALL years), YZF1000R Thunderace (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) AJP GALP 50 Enduro (ALL years), PR3 125 / 200 Enduro (ALL years), PR4 125 / 200 Enduro Pro / Enduro (ALL years), PR4 125 / 200 SuperMoto (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) ATK 450 MX [ATV] (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) BAJAJ MOTORS Avenger 220 (ALL years), CT 100 (ALL years), Discover 100 (ALL years), Discover 125 (ALL years), Discover 150 (ALL years), Platina 100 (ALL years), Pulsar 135 (ALL years), misfit (ALL years), Pulsar 180 (ALL years), Pulsar 200 (ALL years), Pulsar 220 (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) BORILE B651 Scrambler (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) BOSS HOSS BHC-3 ZZ4 SS (ALL years), BHC-9 ZZ4 (ALL years), BHC-3 502 (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) BRAMMO ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) CCW ACE (ALL years), Misfit (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) CR&S 650 VUN (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) CONFEDERATE Fighter Combat (ALL years), Hellcat (ALL years), Wraith (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) DAELIM DAYSTAR 125 (ALL years), ROADWIN 125 (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) ECOSSE ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) FISCHER MRX 650 (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) GG MOTORRAD GG-Cruso (ALL years), GG-Spartaco (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) GENERIC ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) GHEZZI-BRIAN KIMERA (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) ITALJET ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) LAVERDA ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) MOTO MORINI ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) MOTORHISPANIA RX Super Racing (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) MUNCH Mammuth 2000 (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) MZ Baghira (ALL years), Mastiff (ALL years), 1000 [ALL variants] (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) NORTON Commando 961 Cafe Racer / Sport / SE /SF (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) PETRONAS FP1 (ALL years) URAL cT (ALL years), Dark Force (ALL years), Gear Up / Hybrid / M70 / MIR / Patrol (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) VENTO Gladiator XLS (ALL years), Rebellian (ALL years), V Thunder XL (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) VINCENT HDR Black Eagle (ALL years), Black Lightning ST / S (ALL years), Black Shadow (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) VOXAN Black Magic (ALL years), Cafe Racer / Charade Racing (ALL years), GV 1200 (ALL years), Roadster (ALL years), Street Scrambler (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years) ZANELLA ALL with cable or no speedo (ALL years) ZERO ALL with digital trip/odo (ALL years), ALL with cable or no speedo (ALL years).

The Healtech GIpro X-Type Gear Indicator is a universal unit compatible with almost any motorcycle. Although the X-Type display is universal, it is always used with a bike-specific GPX cable that has the same style connectors as the bike to facilitate the installation.

The GIpro X-Type is normally used with older bikes that cannot use a Healtech GIpro GPAT (that connects to a OEM gear sensor) or a Healtech GIpro GPDT (that connects to the diagnostic port), or bikes that have a mechanical speedometer.
Once installed it requires programming to learn the relation between the wheel speed and engine speed to be able to show the gear in use.

IMPORTANT: check your bike is compatible with this product BEFORE purchase:

Healtech Visual/photo installation guides

Healtech User/Installation Manuals

How does the GIpro X-Type work?

The GIpro X-Type learns the relation of wheel speed when compared to the engine speed in each gear. This ratio is always the same in each gear.
This is the method used by all "universal" gear indicators.

However, the GIpro X-Type features adapting microprocessor circuitry that can change its method of analysing the signals to adjust to the type of signal and filter the electrical "noise". This enables it to work on "difficult" or older bikes where the signals are distorted/there is much electrical "noise" and where other gear indicators fail or give unreliable results.

Installation of the GIpro X-Type

The GIpro X-Type G2 display is intended to be connected to the bike via a Plug n’ Go GPX harness specific for your bike. A GPX harness plugs directly into the speed sensor connectors but also requires a separate connection to a RPM signal (such as the crankshaft sensor/camshaft sensor/ignition coil signal/tachometer signal) and in some cases a key-switched power source (such as the rear brakelight supply).

Please use the Healtech Product Advisor above to find a GPX harness for your bike. If your bike is not listed or you have a doubt, please contact us.


  • The GIpro X-Type G2 does not require any "programming wires" or buttons: all the menu functions are accessed using an (invisible) touch-sensor in the upper part of the housing, ensuring the unit is 100% waterproof.
  • In addition to the gear indicator function, the GIpro X-Type G2 may be programmed to show a visual indication at a specific speed or a specific RPM.
  • The digit display may be inverted to allow mounting with the cable upwards/with the display below the dash.
  • The reaction time of the GIpro X-Type G2 is very fast when compared to other brands of universal gear indicators.
  • The display is the smallest on the market.
  • 100% water-resistant
  • 2 year warranty
  • The display (digit) colours available include red, blue, yellow, green, and white. All the colours are intense, but the yellow colour is best installed in a shaded location/out of direct sunlight.
  • No cutting or soldering of wires is necessary: the GPX cable kit includes high-quality Scotchlok™ connectors.

There are housings/supports available to mount the unit on the handlebar.

GIpro X-Type FAQ

My bike is not listed in the Healtech Product Advisor.

The Advisor cannot list all bikes, but there will always be a compatible GIpro X-Type.

If your bike has a mechanical speedometer, you need the GPX-WSS cable kit that includes a wheel-mounted speed sensor.

If your bike has an electronic speedometer, it is possible that there will already be a GPX harness that is compatible with the connectors of the speed sensor.
Send us clear, sharp photos of the speed sensor connectors that show the style of the connector body and the colours and positions of the cables. If you have the wiring/electrical diagram, please send that to us also.

In any case/or if there is no Plug and Go harness available, you can always use the GPX-U01 cable kit that does not have connectors: the four wire connections are unterminated to use with any bike.

I have mounted the GIpro on a sportbike above the dash, below the windshield and I can't reach the touch sensor at the top side of the unit. Is there any way to access the menu without taking the windshield off?

Yes, just use thin piece of metal at least 1cm (0.4″) wide. Hold the metal piece in your hand (without gloves) and use it as if it were an extension of your finger to operate the touch sensor.

How does the GIpro X-type work?

The unit reads the Speed and RPM signals to determine the gear position. The firmware adaptively adjusts sensitivity and threshold levels to optimise the response on that specific bike. For this reason, the GIpro X-Type is more accurate and has much quicker response time than competing products. It shows a "-" sign when the clutch is pulled in and shows the correct gear position as soon as the clutch is released. An incorrect gear is never shown, except when the clutch is slipping (for a split-second when the clutch is released slowly after a backshift).

How does the GIpro X-type compare to similar products?

The GIpro X-Type has been sold worldwide over the last decade and we receive much feedback from our customers. There is a reason HealTech why is the most popular brand for gear indicators and the X-Type G2 version is the best universal gear indicator available.

Which display colour would you recommend?

The Red and Green colours are the best in strong daylight. Second choice is Blue, then White. Yellow is not recommended unless the display will be mounted in a shaded location.

Is the GIpro X-Type compatible with other products, like the SpeedoHealer, Power Commander, Bazzaz, etc.?

Yes. It will not interfere with other products and also works perfectly with quickshifters too.

What is required to install the GPX?

When using a GPX Plug 'n Go harness kit: just plug into (bridge) the speed-sensor connectors and tap/join to one (rpm) or two (rpm and key-switched supply) wires with the wire-tap quick connectors supplied in the kit.

On most bikes, all connections are done under the fuel tank.

When using a Universal (U01 or U02) harness kit: join the four wires (speed signal, rpm, ground, key-switched supply) with the wire-tap quick connectors supplied. No need to cut or solder any wires.

If the bike has a cable-driven/mechanical speedometer (or no speedometer at all), the GPX-WSS wheel speed sensor kit is needed. Mount the sensor on the front or rear wheel and join three wires with the wire-tap quick connectors supplied. No need to cut or solder any wires.

What is the difference between the GIpro X-Type, GIpro DS and GIpro GPATmodels?

The displays/colours are the same, but the way they detect the gear position is very different.

The GIpro DS works on specific bike models that have a factory diagnostic system: it connects to the diagnostic port to read the digital data generated by the ECU.

The GIpro GPAT works on specific bike models that have a factory gear sensor: the GIpro reads the value supplied by the sensor.

The GIpro X-type works on all bikes with a 4, 5 or 6 speed gearbox and reads the frequency signals generated by the bike's sensors.

All GIpros are easy to install but it takes the least time to install a DS as you just plug it into the diagnostic socket on the bike.
The GPAT is recommended as it is the fastest, reading the in-built gear sensor, and if the bike has restrictions in the fuel-mapping in different gears, the GPAT can eliminate those restrictions.

Basically, the choice is simple: get the GPAT or a DS if possible, otherwise get the X-type. The Product Advisor shows the available products for your bike.

I have an old GIpro X-type on my bike, can I use the G2 version with the same connections?

Yes, you only need to order the X-type G2 display unit: your old harness kit does not need to be changed.

Must I use a GPX harness?

No, not technically (unless a GPX-U02/GPX-WSS is indicated for your bike). It may be possible to make the four connections behind the dashboard, but you will have to cut off the connector from the GIpro display and probably need to solder/extend the wires.

GIpro X-Type Problems

The colours in the installation manual do not match my bike.

Please check if there is a pictorial guide available from Healtech. If not, please contact us with the details of the bike.

I cannot program the GIpro: it just flashes "L" all the time.

One or both signals (rpm/speed) are missing/cannot be detected/are too low/are distorted/the GIpro cannot extract the fundamental frequency pulses from the signal(s). Perform the checks listed in the user manual to check the unit is receiving the speed signal and the rpm signal.

I can program some but not all of the gear positions.

I can program all of the gear positions but on the road the response is slow and sometimes wrong.

Probably the RPM signal is too low or distorted by the vehicle electrical noise. We recommend that the RPM signal be taken from the crankshaft position sensor (Pickup) as this is always a separate cable and typically easy to identify/find, coming out of the gearbox. However, the signal is quite low level and is susceptible to electrical noise in older bikes. Change the RPM connection to
- the other cable of the pickup pair
- the signal wire of an ignition coil
- the signal wire of the tachometer.

The GIpro works fine but sometimes shows a line "-".

If the GIpro receives a signal outside of the limits of the programming, rather than show an incorrect gear, it shows "-". This normally occurs when the clutch is pulled and so the engine speed to rpm ratio does not match any of the ratios programmed in the GIpro. If "-" is shown at other times/randomly, there is probably a loose connection to one of the signal wires. Check all connections are secure.

If the problem continues, change the RPM connection as described above.

The number is upside down!

This is a feature, not a bug! Refer to the user manual to enter the configuration menu and restore the display to the normal orientation.

The GIpro range of gear indicators from Healtech Electronics is the most comprehensive (100% compatibility) and simply the best available thanks to the advanced adaptive electronics.

There are three types of GIpro, which one do I need?

Search for your bike in the “Healtech Product Advisor”. This will list all the compatible Healtech products including the type of GIpro. Note the GIpro type (GPDT, GPAT or X-Type) and model number and either search for it using the search field at the top of this page or browse the GIpro section of Healtech Electronics here.

IMPORTANT: check your bike is compatible with this product BEFORE purchase:

Healtech Visual/photo installation guides

Healtech User/Installation Manuals

If your bike is not listed in the Product Advisor, no matter, there will be a GIpro for your bike (no matter how old), please contact us for advice.
Note: If your bike has no speedometer or uses a mechanical (Bowden) cable speedometer then you will need a GIpro X-Type display with the GPX-WSS harness that includes an external speed sensor for mounting on one of the wheels.

The GIpro Family - Why are there so many models?

The three types of GIpro work in different ways to take advantage of the characteristics of specific bikes, to make the installation as easy as possible.

GIpro DS Series

GIpro DS with integrated OBD cableThe GIpro DS G2 (GPDT) series are true plug-and-play. They plug directly into the OBD/diagnostic connector to read the data from the bike’s ECU.
How exactly they work varies between manufacturer depending on the data available, so a GIpro K01 (for Kawasaki) does not work the same as a GIpro DS S01 (for Suzuki).
The GIpro DS Series are the most popular gear indicators on the market due to their absolute ease of installation: just plug them in, no hunting for cables, cutting or soldering (with the exception of some Triumph models that may require a discrete power connection).

The GIpro DS Series is available for most current models of BMW, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Triumph. There is no GIpro DS for Yamaha; they always require the GIpro X-Type.

GIpro w/ATRE

GIpro ATRE with integrated bridge cableSome bikes have a gear sensor built into the gearbox, but do not have an indicator (strange but true). The GIpro w/ATRE (GPAT) plugs into/bridges the gear sensor connectors and reads the gear value (voltage) directly from the sensor. For this reason the GIpro w/ATRE is always the fastest gear indicator possible.

Additionally, since the GIpro w/ATRE is plugged in between the gear sensor and the ECU it is able to “lie” to the ECU about what gear you are using and so can force the ECU to use a different fuel map with less restrictions and even (in the case of Suzuki 1000cc bikes) remove the speed limitation!
This function is the “ATRE” part of the name: “Advanced Timing Retard Eliminator”.
The effects of changing the fuel map vary greatly between models as the difference depends on the restrictions set by the manufacturer, but in some cases (eg. the Suzuki V-Strom DL1000) there is a massive improvement!

The GIpro w/ATRE is compatible with a very limited range of bikes, mainly some Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Triumph. This GIpro is commonly used in street cars as the gear reading is always correct even when the wheels have lost traction.

GIpro X-Type

GIpro X-Type with separate bike-specific cableFor ALL other bikes there is the GIpro X-Type universal gear indicator.
This reads the speed signal and an engine rpm signal and after programming, calculates the ratio between the two to determine the current gear.

The GIpro X-Type has two components: the display, and a GPX cable harness (specific to the bike in question).

There are many cable harnesses available to ease the installation on most common bikes. In general the harness plugs into the speed sensor connectors and a separate connection has to be made to a rpm signal (crankshaft/camshaft sensor, injection coil or tachometer) and possibly a power source. Connectors are supplied: no cutting, no soldering required.

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Usual high quality Healtech product, works straight out-of-the-box. Great service from Motorvista, very good up-front enquiry response, quick and safe delivery. All in all, a very pleasing purchase experience. Thanks to Motorvista. Mike 11-8-2018

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