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Quickshifter easy - iQSE Module iQSE-3 (+ QSS Sensor)

  • Model: HT-IQSE-3
  • Manufactured by: Healtech Electronics

(including IVA)

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This product is the iQSE-3 control module (including sensor) ONLY: it MUST be used ONLY with the QSH-SW1 harness .

Currently this special iQSE module is only compatible with:

  • KTM SX 125
  • KTM SX 150
  • KTM SX 250
  • Yamaha YZ-125X 2020-2023

Designed for the average rider, the iQSE has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible, with a plug-and-play installation and all configuration options accessible wirelessly (via WiFi or Bluetooth) using an Android/Apple application.

Is the iQSE compatible with your bike?

There are various iQSE modules available.
The iQSE-1 is compatible with most modern bikes, the other modules are for specific bikes/electrical systems and are NOT interchangeable: use the Healtech Product Advisor to determine the module necessary for your bike.

Please do NOT purchase a system for a bike that is not listed in the Product Advisor without consulting us first.

IMPORTANT: check your bike is compatible with this product BEFORE purchase:

Healtech Visual/photo installation guides

Healtech User/Installation Manuals

Why use the iQSE?

The iQSE allows the rider to change gears without using the clutch or closing the throttle, saving time for racers that can add up to 1-2 seconds per lap.
The iQSE is not only for racers, a quickshifter makes any bike far easier to ride and anyone will find the reduced effort required to change gear a massive improvement, especially for those with wrist or hand disabilities.

How does it work?

When you change gear, the sensor detects the movement of your foot and cuts off the spark-plug ignition for a fraction of second! This takes the engine power/load off the gearbox allowing the shift from one gear to the next without using the clutch.

The sensitivity of the gear-lever pressure sensor, the speed (delay) and duration of the ignition cut-off are all configurable in the Android application to suit your bike and riding style. You can make all adjustments in seconds without even getting off the bike as there is no need to physically access the iQSE module.


Wide range of compatibility

No need to use different sensors or pressure-sensing bars for different shift patterns, the iQSE uses one ring sensor to detect the pressure of the foot movement as you begin to move the gear lever.
With no moving parts, the iQSE sensor is built to endure the stress of heavy use and is both weather and shock-proof. Compatible with all motorcycles, the tiny ring pressure sensor can be installed in various positions.

Compact size

The iQSE module is a very compact unit (50x030x17mm/43g) and as it needs no physical access for changing configuration options, it can be installed almost anywhere on the bike.


The iQSE is the only quickshifter available with wireless programming, an Android/Apple application communicates with the module in real-time via WiFi or Bluetooth to instantly modify the configuration settings. The iQSE can easily be disabled for in-town riding by using the app.

iQSE Quickshifter Easy app - RPM range iQSE Quickshifter Easy app - ignition cut-off iQSE Quickshifter Easy app - Configuration 1 iQSE Quickshifter Easy app - Configuration 2 iQSE Quickshifter Easy app - languages

You can download and try out the apps Android | Apple.

Multiple Settings

Store multiple configurations in the application for easy comparison or loading to multiple iQSE modules.


The iQSE module connects to the motorcycle using a QSH bike-specific harness which is completely plug-and-play.

Check the "Product Advisor" at the top of the page to choose the correct iQSE module and QSH harness for your bike or contact us for advice.

Using the HealTech ARA Advanced Rider Assistant (Traction Control) system with the QSE

If your bike uses a QSH-Pxx cable to the ignition coils, the ARA-Kxx cable connects between the bike's harness (from the ECU) and the QSH cable. It must NOT be connected between the QSH cable and the coil.

image for ARA-QSE connections

iQSE Fine Tuning

After installation you MUST Run the app Setup Wizard!

Inverted Shifts: If the shift rod is in expansion on an upshift, please follow these instructions to configure an inverted shift.

After a test ride, you can fine-tune the most cases it is not necessary to change from the factory settings.

Change ONE parameter at a time, in the following order. After changing ONE parameter, do another test ride.

1) Adjust the Sensor threshold

Tap SENSOR SETUP in the app menu.

If the shift lever is too hard, LOWER the threshold: this makes the module MORE sensitive to the shift lever action.

If you experience unwanted cut-offs when touching the shift lever lightly, or the module cuts due to vibration, or you hit false neutral, INCREASE the threshold to make the module LESS sensitive.

2) Adjusting the Cut-off delay

This value delays the start of the engine cut, to ensure proper force is built up on the shift lever and so the mocement is completed more rapidly. The default is 15ms.

Before changing the Cut-off delay from the default, adjust the "Sensor threshold" properly as detailed above.

INCREASE the cut-off delay if you occasionally hit false neutral, the gearbox drops out of gear after a shift, the cut-off occurs too early or the shift feel is inconsistent.

DECREASE the cut-of delay if the shift lever is too hard or the cut-off occurs too late.

3) Adjusting the Cut-off times

Tap CUT-OFF TIMES in the app menu.

Cut-off time is the duration of the cut: when the suppl to the coils or injectors is stopped and so the engine is not firing.

If you feel the bike JUMPS during a shift, INCREASE the cut-off time(s).

If you feel the bike's front DIVES (due to engine braking) during a shift, DECREASE the cut-off time(s).


The iQSE system hardware is guaranteed for two years and software updates are provided free for the lifetime of the product.


  1. Do you have a kit for my bike ?

    The iQSE is compatible with ALL motorcycles and other vehicles which have sequential gearbox, such as race cars with motorcycle engine.
    Please use our Product Advisor above to find the part numbers suitable for your bike.
    We have Plug 'n go harness kits for hundreds of different motorcycles. If your bike is not listed, please contact us.

  2. Will it work with my rearset?

    Yes, the iQSE Sensor works great with ALL rearsets, no matter if it's standard or an aftermarket (racing) set. And the best part is, you do not have to make any modifications. The sensor works with both normal and reverse/race shift pattern so you do not need to purchase a second sensor.

  3. What are the advantages over competing products?

    The Sensor:

    • Our special ring sensor works on ALL motorcycles and race cars with mc engine
    • It's extremely quick and simple to install compared to any other QS switches
    • Works with both normal and reverse/race shift pattern
    • No need for mechanical adjustment
    • Sensitivity (threshold) can be adjusted precisely to your riding style
    • Small but robust, has no moving parts, has no wear and tear
    • Due to the small size and install position, it is hardly noticeable
    • There's less chance for a sensor damage during a crash. However, should you need a replacement, the cost is a fraction of other QS sensors and switches.

    The iQSE control module:

    • Small size, modern technology, refined software and shifting algorithms
    • Setup and function tests can be done wirelessly even when sitting on the bike
    • Wide range of adjustments for pro users and good defaults for street riders
    • Works even on cross bikes without a battery
    • All leads are protected
    • Automatic software and firmware updates allow feature enhancements

    Installation Wiring:

    • We offer the widest range of Plug 'n go harness kits on the market
    • The harness kits are easy to install and require less connections
    • Harness kits are available for purchase separately too for a new bike


    • The lowest price on the market for a complete set
    • All harness kits have the same price, except the QSX harness
    • Available to all countries


    • Should there be any problems, we are here to help
    • We offer a 2-year replacement warranty on all products
  4. Is the ring sensor included?

    Yes, the iQSE Sensor ships together with the iQSE-1 and iQSE-2 modules. Spare sensors are available for purchase separately too from distributors.

  5. Is it difficult to install the kit?

    In order to reach the coil connectors, normally the fuel tank has to be removed and on certain bikes the airbox too. The actual installation of the kit is quick and simple. All parts are included.

  6. Is it difficult to setup the module?

    The most important thing is to set the Sensor threshold. It can be done in the garage in a minute. There's clear guidance in the app (under Sensor logging). In most cases you can leave everything else at the default setting and test ride the bike. If you feel the need, fine tune the cut-off times as per the instructions.

  7. What is the difference between the iQSE-1 and iQSE-2 modules?

    The iQSE-1 is for bikes with TCI (Transistor Controlled Ignition). The iQSE-2 is for bikes with CDI (Capacitor Discharge Ignition). TCI is the current technology and most bikes on the road today require the iQSE-1. Please order the parts shown by our Product Advisor. If in doubt, please contact us.

  8. Why is the QSX harness more expensive?

    The QSX harness is needed for Suzuki GSXR and Hayabusa models. It has additional electronics integrated in the harness to prevent the ECM detecting the ignition cut as a fault and causing the the "FI" light to be shown.

  9. Can you guarantee that the FI light will not come on on my bike when using the iQSE?

    Yes! The iQSE works without FI problems even on those bikes which all other QS systems fail.

  10. Can I transfer the iQSE sensor and the module to my next bike?

    Yes. If the new bike is a different brand, you may need to get a new Harness Kit.

  11. Is this kit compatible with my cross bike?

    Yes. Even if the bike has no battery, it will work without extra parts. The module works from +5V to +30V power supply.

  12. I do not race. Is it safe to use on my street bike?

    Yes, it is perfectly safe to use the iQSE and many customers use it on street bikes (naked and touring bikes) too. You will see the gear changes (clutchless upshifts) are smooth thus it will not stress the gearbox in any way. Generally, we recommend using the clutch in these conditions: - At low RPM - for upshift from 1st to 2nd - for downshifts

  13. Can I still use the clutch for upshifts when I want to?

    Yes, any time like usual. The ignition will be interrupted for a split second but it's not noticeable. If you wish to restore factory condition e.g. for servicing the bike, deactivate (bypass) the QS function from the iQSE app.

  14. Can I use the iQSE for downshifts too?

    By default, the app permits engine cuts for downshifts too. The sensor must be installed as per 1b, 1c or 1d of the Sensor install guide.
    Caution: Use with care! If downshifts are not smooth on your bike, use the clutch!

  15. Can you send the optimal settings for my bike?

    No. The optimal settings are installation and bike specific, and also depend on your riding style (e.g. shifting speed and force). Please go through the Setup steps shown in the User's Guide.

  16. Which Android versions are supported?

    Most Android devices (phones and tablets) are supported which are running Android 2.3 or later.

  17. How many iQSE modules can I pair and use with my phone?

    There's no limit, but only one can be connected at one time.

  18. How many phones can I pair and use with my iQSE module?

    There's no limit, but only one can be connected at one time.

  19. Is there a way to ensure no one else has access to my module?

    Yes. Enter a personal PIN code via the iQSE app. It is stored in your phone, so you do not have to enter it every time, but only if you try the connection from another phone.

  20. I lost my phone. Did I lose my settings too?

    No. The settings are stored in your iQSE module. If you connect to the module with a new phone, the settings are automatically transferred to the phone.

  21. How many different settings can I store in my phone?

    There's no limit. If you are a dealer, if you wish, you can save a setting for all iQSE installations you have ever done, and you may recall it any time.

  22. When I connected to my module, I was notified that new firmware is available. Is it safe to run the update?

    Yes. With our zero-risk technology, the module firmware can be updated even if the process was interrupted earlier by any reason.

  23. What is the Bluetooth working range of the module?

    The working range is affected by the install position and the phone's Bluetooth capabilities (there are big differences between the phone models). Normally, you should be able to connect to the module from about 3m (10ft) with the seat on. If you wish, you can even maintain the connection while riding the bike and the phone is in your pocket or mounted at the dashboard. This way you can change settings on the fly, without getting off the bike. No need to shut the engine off or to cycle the ignition key to make changes.

  24. What is the adjustment range of the cut-off times?

    It can be set from 40ms to 140ms in 1ms increments, and independently for 9 RPM ranges. This allows very precise adjustments for pro riders, but street riders can use the default values in most cases.

  25. Is there a reason to use a ShiftLight pro together with a iQSE?

    Yes! The ShiftLight pro will show you when to shift, and the iQSE allows you to do very quick and smooth shifts. So the two products are a great combination and both can be setup via Bluetooth through a similar app interface.


  1. Do I have the right parts?

    Before starting the installation, make sure you got the correct parts.
    Use the Product Advisor (above) to find the part numbers compatible with your bike.

  2. The engine does not start, even when using the Jumper plug

    Possible causes:
    - Bank angle sensor is not in place
    - Some connectors (e.g. from the fuel tank) may not be reconnected
    - A connector pin does not make contact (bent or loose)
    - The QSH harness is damaged or not suitable for your bike.

  3. The engine hardly starts and I get a very rough idle

    You mixed the QSH connector pairs. Disconnect ONE bike connector at a time, and connect ONE pair of the QSH connectors in-line with the coil and bike plug, then proceed with the next.

  4. The iQSE LED does not light up

    Put the gearbox in Neutral.
    Make sure you have the engine stop switch in RUN position and the ignition key switched ON. On some bikes, the engine has to be running, otherwise the module is not powered.

    If the starter motor is spinning but the engine does not start with the iQSE (although it starts fine with the jumper plug), most likely the QSH black wire terminal has poor ground connection. Use a good chassis ground bolt, preferably on the gearbox, or you may use the battery negative terminal.

  5. I don't get a signal from the sensor

    Be sure to follow the most current version of the Sensor install guide from our web:

  6. How to check whether the iQSE Sensor is working fine?

    Follow these steps:
    - Dismount the sensor but leave the 2-pole sensor plug connected
    - Connect with your phone to the module
    - Under Settings, start the Sensor logging
    - Squeeze the sensor with your thumb and index fingers rapidly and see if you see a signal on the graph. You should be able to generate a signal higher than "10" with your fingers.

  7. At high RPM (or at high speed) I get unwanted ignition cuts

    First, be sure to follow the most current Sensor install guide from our web:

    It's important to use the conical washers with the sensor as described. If you did not get these washers with your sensor, please contact your distributor to mail it.

    Set the Sensor threshold properly. Under Settings, start the Sensor logging and follow the instructions on the screen.

    Be sure you are not resting your foot on the shift lever.

  8. At high RPM (or at high speed) sometimes the engine shuts off

    Most likely your side stand switch is failing or has a poor connection.

  9. My module does not cut the ignition

    Start the engine and let it idle.
    Open the iQSE app and connect to the module.
    Under Settings, set the Cut-off test slider to 140ms.
    Press the test button and see if the engine stops for a short time or not. The engine should stop momentarily (or even completely) when you push the Cut-off test button. This proves the module's output is working.

    Otherwise, disconnect the module, connect the supplied 4-pole Jumper-plug and contact us for advice.

    If the Cut-off test works, make sure the iQSE module is not disabled in the app.

    Adjust the Sensor threshold by using the Sensor logging function. Also, keep in mind that the cut-off is disabled under the First RPM value.

  10. Sometimes I hit a false neutral, or the gearbox stays in the same gear

    Possible causes:
    - Sensor threshold is too low. Adjust it by using the Sensor logging function.
    - Cut-off times are too low. Increase the cut-off times by 5-10ms and try again.
    - Incomplete shift movement. Be sure you do a quick, confident and complete shift movement with your foot, until the lever stops.
    - The shift rod is not adjusted properly. The optimal angle between the shift arm and shift rod is about 90 degrees but keep the manufacturer's recommendation.

  11. Upshifts are quick and smooth, but clutchless downshifts do not work

    By default, engine ignition is cut for upshifts only.

    If you wish to do clutchless downshifts, the following conditions must be met:
    - The sensor must be installed as per 1b, 1c or 1d of the Sensor install guide
    - Under Settings, enable this option: "Allow cut-off when RPM is falling"

    Now, you may do clutchless downshifts with partial throttle from the higher gears.
    Caution: Use with care! If downshifts are not smooth on your bike, use the clutch!

  12. When I do a quickshift at high RPM on my Suzuki, the FI light comes on

    This can happen if you installed a QSH harness but we list a QSX harness. The QSX harness has a module integrated with which the ECM does not detect the ignition cut and the FI light will not come on.

  13. The Bluetooth range is short

    The working range is affected by the install position, but mostly by the phone's Bluetooth capabilities. Many phones do 10m with the iQSE, others only do 1m. Also, the Bluetooth range can be limited when the phone's battery is low.

  14. I cannot establish a connection to the module

    Make sure the iQSE LED is ON (solid red or solid green).
    Open the Menu in the iQSE app and select Connect. On some Android devices you need to press the app switcher button longer to open the menu.

    Some older local branded Android phones may not be compliant with Bluetooth 2.1 and higher. In this case, set the iQSE app to use an Alternative protocol. This is a hidden feature as in most cases it's not needed.
    Open Menu → About.
    Tap on the Copyright text 10 times until you see the notification.
    Try the connection again. If it does not help, please try another phone or tablet.

  15. I replaced my phone and I forgot the PIN code I set, so I can't connect to the module now to make changes

    Please contact us to get your PIN code cleared.

  16. I have installed more iQSE modules on different bikes. How can I remove the modules from the list on my phone?

    Open Menu → Connect to see the list of paired modules. Wait until the "not found" (x) sign appears on an address and tap on it with a long press.

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  by Alexandre (Portugal)
Rápida entrega.
Produto em material resistente e com qualidade.
Demora um pouco afinar mas tem as instruções completas e algumas duvidas a marca ajuda.

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  by Martijn (España)
Works perfect!! Easy to install and adjust, very recommendable 5 stars