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eSync Vacuum Balancing tool

  • Model: HT-EST-01
  • Manufactured by: Healtech Electronics

(including IVA)

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Digital four-channel vacuum meter/manometer for professional throttle-body synchronisation.

The Healtech eSync not only provides accurate vacuum measurements but also can display and record the pulse/vacuum waveform for each cylinder for advanced troubleshooting.

Why use the Healtech eSync?

All multi-cylinder petrol engines require synchronisation/balancing/equalizing of the air intake for each cylinder to ensure each cylinder receives the same air/fuel mixture. Traditionally this requires the use of dial vacuum gauges (inaccurate, clumsy) or mercury manometers (large, awkward and easily damaged). Conventional tools cannot show the pulse waveforms, only heavily averaged values for pressure.

The eSync solves these problems with high-accuracy, compact size, a robust design and an advanced but easy-to-use software interface.

How it works

The Healtech eSync system is comprised of a measurement module with four vacuum inputs. Each input is measured by an ultra-fast, factory-calibrated, high-sensitivity vacuum sensor.

The module connects to a computer via a usb cable and is managed by a Windows program (download from here and try it out) that shows the vacuum absolute values and pulse waveforms for each cylinder in real time.

The software records each test session and can generate a Service Report for use by workshops. Each session archive can also be recalled and replayed for customer information.


  • High-precision vacuum sensors
  • Multilingual software with free updates for the life of the product
  • Compact module (59x35x17mm / 100g)
  • Extremely robust: epoxy sealed, no moving parts and water-resistant to IP68
  • Oil-resistant
  • Supplied in a small protective case.
  • Two year warranty

Example use of the eSync: AndyManCam

Kit Components

  • eSync four-channel vacuum interface
  • USB cable x 1.5m
  • Silicon vacuum hoses (black, green, red, yellow) 45cm x 4
  • Extension/side channel hoses (black, green) 23cm x 2
  • “T” hose with with a metal end-plug
  • M5 vacuum take-off adapters with O-rings x 4
  • M6 vacuum take-off adapters with O-rings x 4
  • Healtech Stickers
  • Protective case


  • Software: download from here
  • Manual: download from here

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