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X-TRE Power Box

  • Model: HT-X-TRE
  • Manufactured by: Healtech Electronics

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X-Tre Model

The X-Tre Power Box for selected Kawasaki and Suzuki Bikes that have a factory/OEM gear indicator in the dash display.



ZX-6R Ninja (2007-2012), ZX-10R Ninja (2008-2010)



B-King (2008-2012), Boulevard C90 (2013-2017), Boulevard M109R/R2 (2011-2018), DL650 V-Strom (2007-2020), DL650XT V-Strom (2012-2020), DL1000 V-Strom (2014-2018), Gladius (2009-2015), GSF650 Bandit (2009-2015), GSF1250 N/NA Bandit (2010-2013), GSR400 (ALL years), GSR600 (ALL years), GSR750 (2011-2017), GSX650F (2008-2015), GSX1250FA (2010-2017), GSX1300R Hayabusa (2008-2018), GSX-R600 (2006-2018), GSX-R750 (2006-2018), GSX-R1000 (2005-2016), GSX-S750 (2015-2018), GSX-S1000 /F /A /FA (2015-2018), GW250 (2011-2017), Inazuma 250 (2011-2015), Intruder 250 LC (2015), Intruder C1500 (2013-2017), Intruder M1800R (2011-2015), SFV400 (ALL years), SFV650 (2009-2015), VL1500 Intruder (2013-2017), VZR1800 (2011-2016)



Boulevard C50 (2009-2018), Intruder C800 (2009-2017), VL800 Intruder Volusia (2009-2017)

List Updated 20/11/0217

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Healtech Visual/photo installation guides

Healtech User/Installation Manuals

The X-TRE is an Advanced Timing Retard Eliminator, designed for motorcycles that are already originally equipped with an OEM Gear Position indicator.

  • The X-TRE changes the gear/fuel map in use but maintains the function of the factory Gear Indicator by having a microchip encode/decode the communication link between the ECM and the dashboard in real-time. This feature is unique, as other TRE modules on the market disable the factory gear indicator.
  • The module improves partial and full throttle response, low-end torque, and also bypasses the speed limiter on all 1000cc+ Suzuki EFI bikes.
  • It adds as much as 15 horsepower (e.g. the B-King in 2nd gear), while improving throttle response and acceleration especially in the lower gears.
  • The unit automatically turns off the mapping in Neutral for smooth idle operation.
  • Just like the GIpro/ATRE gear indicator, the X-TRE comes with user-selectable gear maps, offering the same benefit and flexibility but without needing to mount an external gear indicator. (Although many racers still use the GIpro w/ATRE for the bright display).
  • The unit mounts under the fuel tank, out of sight, but the innovative buttonless design makes it possible to review and select different injection maps while sitting on the bike.
  • The X-TRE works with other aftermarket electronics such as the Power Commander and SpeedoHealer.
  • The installation is very quick and should not take more than about 30 minutes on most bikes.