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Hex ezCAN - Triumph "Tagus" for the Triumph Tiger 1200 / 900

  • Model: HX-H3-TRI-002
  • Manufactured by: Hex Innovate

(including IVA)

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The Triumph "Tagus" accessory controller (DENALI CANsmart/Hex ezCAN) is compatible with the
- Triumph Tiger 1200 2022 onwards.

Detailed information on this product may be found on the Hex website.


Please refer to the Hex ezCAN website.

Kit Contents - ezCAN Triumph "Tagus"

  • ezCAN Device Triumph "Tagus"
  • Micro USB Cable x 1
  • Velcro Strips x 2
  • Blanking Plugs x 2
  • Cable Ties x 4
  • Stub Connectors 2-wire (orange) x 4
  • Terminal wires (orange) x 4
  • Blanking seals x 4
  • OBD2 CAN-bus adapter x 1
  • Hex ezCAN universal splitter cable x 1

All ezCANs purchased from Motorvista include a free Adventure Sleeve.

The following information about the DENALI CANsmart / Hex ezCAN systems is common to both product ranges as they are both manufactured by Hex.

Please refer to the DENALI / ezCAN websites for detailed information about the installation, use and specific options available for your bike.

What is an Accessory Controller?

The DENALI CANsmart™ / HEX ezCAN Accessory Controller is a programmable power-distribution device and a convenient method to easily add and control additional accessories/external electrical circuits without any extra switches to your Can-bus based motorcycle.

Using only a single direct (fused) connection to the battery, the controller provides four (software-configurable) powered outputs. Each output is isolated from the others and individually current-limited from short-circuits/overloading, so protecting the battery and the electrical system.

A typical use of these four circuits would be to control two sets of auxiliary lights, an extra horn and an auxiliary brake light. However, you can use any accessory on any of the four circuits as each circuit is configured by a software program (PC/MAC) and individually protected by electronic "fuses".

Common Accessories controlled by the ezCAN

Using the DENALI CANsmart with DENALI Lights

Please note that if you wish to use DENALI lights with a CANsmart kit, you should buy two individual DENALI lights and NOT a DENALI light kit (as the kit includes the same cables as the CANsmart kit and an unnecessary switch).

DENALI individual lights are available here: DM / DR1 / D2 / D3 Driving / D3 Fog / D4 / D7 / S4 .

Using the Hex ezCAN with DENALI Lights

The Hex ezCAN kit has the same connectors as DENALI lights, but does not include extension cables. The extension cables are available separately as they are often not required for other aftermarket lights: ezCAN Extension Cables kit. Both the Hex ezCAN and the DENALI CANsmart use the same programming software.

If you wish to use DENALI lights with an ezCAN, you have two options:

1) ezCAN + ezCAN Extension cable kit + 2 x DENALI individual lights ( DM / DR1 / D2 / D3 Driving / D3 Fog / D4 / D7 / S4), but not a DENALI Light kit. This will provide all the necessary cabling.

2) ezCAN + DENALI Light kit. This will provide all the necessary cabling, but also an unneeded handlebar switch.

How does the Controller work?

Only two connections are necessary:

  1. Data (control): the controller plugs directly into the bike's data connector (CanBus or diagnostic connector, depending on the bike).
    Once connected to the bike, the controller "listens" to the data instructions that are generated by the use of the bike's controls (light switches/horn button, "Wonderwheel" etc for BMW.) and switches on/off the CANsmart outputs as configured by the software.
    This means that no additional switches are required to be installed: the bikes original switches/controls are used to activate the power outputs.
  2. Battery (power): the controller requires a direct connection to the battery terminals to be able to distribute the power to the outputs as programmed.

Advantages of the CANsmart/ezCAN

Hexcode ezCAN Explanatory Video

Traditionally the installation of extra equipment requires

- splicing of the power-supply cables into the electrical system

- addition of control cables

- installation of extra switches.

Adding extra equipment to existing wiring may not work if the ECU detects the extra load/current as a fault: a visit to the dealer may be required to re-program the ECU to permit/ignore the extra current.

The controller avoids these problems, and since no cutting or jointing of original wires is necessary, it does not invalidate the warranty.


  • Four individually-fused/protected channels (five for some bikes).
  • Waterproof and dustproof - the control module is completely sealed from water ingress and the output cables use high-quality automotive connectors with sealing sleeves
  • The bike's original switch manages everything - no additional switches are required to control your accessories.
  • Increase safety - flashing lights increase your visibility and so your safety.
  • Does not invalidate the warranty: no cables are cut or tapped.
  • Homologated for sale in the EU.
  • Plugs directly into the CAN-Bus connector.
  • Compact design - fits perfectly under the seat
  • Software configuration via USB (Mac/Windows PC).

Installation (generic)

  1. Install the controller under the seat (secured with the included Velcro).
  2. Connect the controller cables directly to the battery.
  3. Plug the controller data connectors into the CAN-Bus.
  4. Plug your accessories into the controller output cables/channels.
  5. Download and install the HEX ezCAN software.
  6. Connect a computer to the controller via the micro USB cable.
  7. Use the software to configure the function/behaviour of each controller output cable.

DENALI CANsmart Installation

Review/Installation - The Missenden Flyer

Please check the DENALI website / ezCAN website for detailed bike-specific installation videos and guides.

"Accessory Manager" Software

The configuration software is available for both Windows PC and Apple Mac and is used by both the CANsmart and ezCAN range of products.

Accessory Manager software - installation and use with the ezCAN

Accessory Manager software - installation and use with the CANsmart

Each of the four output channels (cables) is assigned a specific functionality e.g. as auxiliary lights - pair, auxiliary light - left/right, additional horn, additional brake light, ignition-switched device, heated clothing etc. Each basic functionality has additional options. Any of the functions can be assigned to any to the channels.
Although each channel has a maximum current output, these should be individually limited to the specific current requirements of the connected device for better protection.

These example configuration screenshots show configuration options on BMW motorcycles. The software is subject to continual development so the current version may offer different options to those shown here. Please refer to the DENALI website / ezCAN website for specific information.

Hex ezCAN software1 Hex ezCAN software2 Hex ezCAN software3 Hex ezCAN software4

Output Channel Functions

Although the primary options for each output (as auxiliary lights, additional horn, additional brake light, ignition-switched device, heated clothing) are available across all bikes, there may be minor variations of the options between the bike models and brands (BMW / Harley-Davidson / KTM).

Auxiliary Front Spot lights

  • Allow different brightnesses for day/night riding and with low/high beam use.
  • Turn off one auxiliary light when the adjacent indicator is used.
  • Flash (strobe) the auxiliary lights when the horn is used.
  • Flash auxiliary lights three times (e.g. for overtaking).
  • Flash auxiliary lights when the hazard/emergency lights are operated (inversely synchronised).

Auxiliary Rear Brake/Running Light

A single auxiliary light may be used as a dual-function brake/running light as the brightness can be set independently for each function.

As an auxiliary Rear light: the bike's original rear light is always on with the ignition. An auxiliary rear light may be off when the ignition is on.
Note that a too-bright rear light may reduce the effective visibility of the brake light(s). The brake lights should always be brighter than the rear light.

As an auxiliary Brake light: the bike's original brake light is only activated when braking. An auxiliary brake light may be activated under other circumstances e.g. rapid deceleration. It may also flash, to counteract the effect of a bright auxiliary rear light.

Other Options for Brake lights

  • Always On (no flashing)
    The auxiliary brake light illuminates when braking, but does not flash.
  • Flashing
    The auxiliary brake light flashes when braking.
  • Flashing - California legal
    On braking, the auxiliary brake light flashes four times for one second and then remains illuminated.
  • Emergency Stop
    The auxiliary brake light flashes when the deceleration is greater than 21km/h per second (when the speed is more than 50km/h) either due to engine braking or normal braking. The light will continue to flash until the brakes are released.
  • California legal + Emergency Stop
    Under normal braking the auxiliary brake light will flash and then remain on. Under strong deceleration it will also flash.


The auxiliary horn circuit is activated by the bike's original horn switch/in conjunction with the original horn.

Heated Clothing

If the bike has factory-fitted heated grips, the clothing output uses the same power levels.


DENALI CANsmart / Hex ezCAN

Both the DENALI CANsmart and the Hex ezCAN are developed and manufactured by Hexcode, the creators of the GS-911 BMW Diagnostic tool. Both products offer the same functionalities

The DENALI CANsmart is designed to offer a plug & play solution to be used with DENALI lights and DENALI SoundBomb horns, all using the same style of MT connector, so no cutting or splicing is required. The CANsmart kit includes additional cables to connect to DENALI products. No extra/loose connectors are included with the CANsmart kit.

The Hex ezCAN is a generic solution designed to be used with any accessory and so includes loose, matching connectors to fit to those accessories. The ezCAN does not include additional cables but there is an ezCAN extension cable kit which makes it equal to a CANsmart.
The ezCAN GEN I uses Superseal connectors. The DENALI CANsmart GEN 1 uses Sumitumo MT connectors.
The ezCAN GEN II uses Sumitomo MT connectors (the same as the DENALI CANsmart) and so is interchangeable with the CANsmart.

The following table details the differences between the products but in summary:

- the CANsmart includes cables for DENALI products (but has no extra connectors)
- the ezCAN includes loose connectors for any accessory (but no cables). An ezCAN extension cable kit is available (compatible with DENALI lights).

Predefined options available on each channel Predefined options available on each channel

All options available on all channels

All options available on all channels
Output Ratings 2 x 10A
2 x 4A
2 x 10A
2 x 4A
4 x 10A 4 x 10A
Connector Type Sumitomo MT AMT Superseal Sumitomo MT Sumitomo MT
Module Body Black 55mm Silver 55mm Black 76mm Silver 76mm


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