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GS-911wifi 16-pin OBD2 - BMW Diagnostic Tool

  • Model: HX-H1-GSF-009-0015
  • Manufactured by: Hex Innovate

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This GS-911 interface has a native 16-pin OBD2 male connector.
To communicate with an older BMW bike with a 10-pin round connector, a female 16-pin OBD2-10-pin BMW adapter cable is required.

The Hexcode GS-911 is a diagnostic and maintenance tool for BMW motorcycles.
Compact and shock-resistant, it was originally designed as an emergency tool for use on the road by BMW bike owners but has developed into the best tool available for anyone wishing to service BMW bikes whether home users or professional workshops.

Compatible BMW Bikes

New functions and bikes are continually being added to the GS-911. See the GS-911 Function Chart for the latest information.

GS-911 Functions

The functions available with the GS-911 will vary depending on the model of bike (or, more correctly, the type of controllers/ECUs fitted to that bike). For up-to-date details about the functionality available, search for your bike in the GS-911 Function Chart.

The functions of the GS-911 are classed into two types: "Emergency" and "Service".

"Emergency" Functions

  • Read the ECU information (type, year, software level...)
  • Show the faults detected by each ECU to help investigate problems with the bike
  • Clear/delete fault codes
  • Show the output of various sensors in real-time

The use of these "Emergency" functions is unlimited in both the "Enthusiast" and "ProUnlimited" versions: you can check any number of bikes.

"Service" Functions

Always check the GS-911 Function Chart for detailed information about the functions available for your bike, but these are the most common tasks:

  • Change the service reminder date/km
  • Perform calibrations of stepper motors (TPS), fuel tank strips, ESA etc.
  • Lock idle actuators for throttle-body synchronisation
  • Reset of adaptation values
  • Add new components such as tyre pressure sensors (but not new controllers nor a new dash)
  • Purge ABS
  • Perform various output tests of actuators, valves and stepper motors and dash lights
  • Switch tests
  • Monitor and record sensor output in real-time

The GS-911 Enthusiast versions are limited to use of the Service functions for up to 10 bikes. The ProUnlimited versions have no limitation.

"Enthusiast" / "ProUnlimited" versions

The "Enthusiast" licence allows unlimited use of the "Emergency" functions and a 10-bike limit for the "Service" functions. Ideal for the home user and their fellow riders.

A new GS-911wifi has an "Enthusiast" licence.

The "ProUnlimited" license allows unlimited use of the "Emergency" functions and unlimited use of the "Service" functions. Ideal for workshops and bike clubs. It allows allows priority access to the latest functions before release to the Enthusisat versions.

"ProUnlimited" requires an annual subscription of only 99USD. It can be activated at any time from within the GS-911 software/wifi application and does NOT need to be renewed every year: the GS-911 will revert to an Enthusiast licence/10-bike service limit.

Note there is no difference in functionality between the versions. The only difference is the software license.

More questions? See the Hex ProUnlimited FAQ or contact us.

Please note that the GS-911usb G2 Enthusiast cannot be upgraded to a ProUnlimited version.

GS-911 Software

Available here.


The software (Windows PC only) can be obtained from the manufacturers website after the purchase of a GS-911.

The "GS-911 Diagnostics Installer" checks if your GS-911 is genuine and subsequently downloads and installs the GS-911 Diagnostics program.

The GS-911 interfaces (PC program/wifi access) are in english by default. There are translations available for various languages which may be purchased from within the GS-911 interface. These translations are manually done by each GS-911 country distributor as the automatic translations of the technical texts by a browser-based translator are often unintelligible.

A GS-911 purchased from Motorvista includes free access to the Spanish version of the software. A GS-911 bought from any other GS-911 distributor does not include free access to the Spanish version of the software.

The software contains all the diagnostic and service functionality available. Updates are automatically notified and installed. Note that in addition to the program updates, there are also regular updates to the actual GS-911 device.

The software is very easy to use since it has always been developed with the bike-owner in mind and although there is a user manual available, the use of the service functions is explained in the program itself.

You may try out a software simulation on the Hex website here.


These programs are tools to facilitate and manage the WiFi connection of your GS-911. They also enable registration and firmware updates.


These mobile apps will "find" a GS-911 on your local network if you do not know their IP address.


In the case of the GS-911wifi tools:

- any device with a web browser can access the GS-911 through a local wifi network ("Infrastructure Mode")
- any device with wifi capability and a web browser can access the GS-911 directly without the need for a local network ("D2D Mode"). Hence the GS-911wifi can be used anywhere at all for Diagnostic ("Emergency") functions.

In the case of "Service" functions, the GS-911 cannot store all the functionality for every bike internally: it is downloaded on demand from the Hexcode server. Hence for "Service" use, the GS-911wifi must have internet access/must be connected to a local network ("Infrastructure" mode).

The GS-911wifi provides two modes of wifi operation.

1) Device-to-Device (D2D) Mode

The D2D mode is intended for use by the bike-owner in any location, however remote, allowing connection and use of the GS-911 with any wifi-capable mobile.

The GS-911wifi functions as an open Wi-fi Access Point and you can connect to it like any public wifi network. Using your mobile device to scan for a wifi network, the GS911 will identify itself as "GS-911xxxx" (the last four digits will be the device serial number). Connect to the GS911 (there is no password).

2) Infrastructure Mode

The Infrastructure mode allows the GS-911wifi to connect to your wifi network (just like a wifi printer for example). In this mode, any device (pc, tablet/mobile) that has access to your network can browse to the GS-911wifi's own webpage, so avoiding the need to move a laptop with the device, ideal for workshops.

How to "find" the GS-911wifi on your network?


If you don't know the assigned IP address of the GS-911wifi, there are two utilities provided (iOS/Android) which will identify the IP address of any GS-911wifi on the network.

GS-911 FAQ

There is a comprehensive GS-911 FAQ on the Hex website, but here are some of the most common queries we receive.


Where is the User Manual?

The basic user manual is here. However, it is intended that all necessary information for use is contained within the software itself. If you find something is unclear, or incorrect, please contact us so it can be clarified or corrected.

Where can I get more help?

a) There is a forum for GS-911 users.

b) The Hexcode Helpdesk for reporting problems with the device or with a particular bike. It is not a helpdesk for how to repair a bike problem.

Where is the diagnostic connector?

There are examples of the connector locations here.

What is the I-Level?

This is the software/firmware version of the controller as explained here.

Software - PC Program

Does it work on the Apple Mac?

The PC program will work inside a virtual machine.

Access via a browser will provide service functionality so long as there is internet access for the GS-911.

My Antivirus software says there is a virus in the Windows program

More information here

Replacement of RDC (TPMS) Sensors

More information on the Hexcode website here.


R1200 Twincam

Problem: After an Idle Actuator Calibration, the engine runs very rough.
Solution: "Reset All Adaptations Values".

The ECU firmware requires an update from BMW, more information here.

Trade-In your yellow GS-911

When purchasing a red GS-911wifi, you may trade-in your yellow GS-911 and receive a discount:

85 euros off the purchase of a GS-911wifi Enthusiast.
175 euros off the purchase of a GS-911wifi Professional.

These discounts are available for any variant of the yellow GS-911 (usb/blu, Enthusiast/Professional).

How to Obtain the Trade-In Discount

  1. Use the GS-911 Downloader Utility to verify the registration details for your yellow GS-911 and check if it is eligible to be traded-in.
    Ensure your registration details are correct: update them if they are incorrect as they will be used in the trade-in procedure and for your new device.
  2. If the unit is eligible, click on "Explore the Trade-In Program".
  3. Select the new GS-911wifi interface you wish to purchase and click on "Generate Summary for Trade-In enquiry".
  4. Check carefully all the details on the summary. If any detail is incorrect, go back and correct it.
  5. Click on “Submit enquiry to distributor”.
    You will receive an email of the summary.
  6. Forward the email of the summary to Motorvista to arrange the collection of your yellow device. Devices will be collected in mainland Spain and Balearics but customers in the Canary Islands will need to send the device personally.
    You must print the email with the trade-in details and include it with the yellow GS-911.
  7. Once the device has been received and verified by Motorvista, we will apply the discount to the purchase of a new GS-911wifi, depending on your preferred method of payment.

Which GS-911 Do I Need?

There are various versions of the GS-911 available, depending on

  • the compatibility with each generation of BMW electronics
  • the style of connector preferred (10-pin BMW or 16-pin OBD2).

The GS-911 software is constantly being updated and new functionality added, so the information listed here regarding compatibility may not be up-to-date: always consult the GS-911 Function Chart for the current functionality.

Here is a summary of the models of GS-911 available.

GS-911 model Details

image GS-911wifi 10-pin

GS-911wifi - 10-pin BMW connector

GS-911wifi - 10-pin BMW connector

Suitable for both workshops and end-users.

Directly compatible with pre-2013 BMW bikes with the BMW round connector.

Can also be used with current BMW bikes when used with the corresponding 10-pin-to-16-pin OBD adapter cable.

Offers WiFI access for use in any location/without a PC.

image GS-911wifi 16-pin

GS-911wifi - 16-pin OB2 connector

GS-911wifi - 16-pin OB2 connector

Suitable for both workshops and end-users.

Directly compatible with post-2013 BMW bikes with the OBDII connector.

Can also be used with older BMW bikes when used with the corresponding 16-pin OBD-to-10-pin BMW adapter.

Offers WiFI access for use in any location/without a PC.

image GS-911usb G2

GS911usb G2 6-pin OB2 - "Enthusiast"

GS911usb G2 - 16-pin OB2 - "Enthusiast"

Suitable for end-users only (not workshops).

A cheaper unit limited to 10 different bikes for Service Functions.

No Wifi access.

Directly compatible with post-2013 BMW bikes with the OBDII connector.

Can also be used with older BMW bikes when used with the corresponding 16-pin OBD-to-10-pin BMW adapter.

image GS-911 3-pin

GS-911 3-pin

GS-911 3-pin

Suitable for both workshops and end-users.

Older models of BMW have a rectangular 3-pin diagnostic connector.
This tool is only compatible with those bikes.

BMW K1, K100RS K1100LT/RS, R850GS/R/RT, R1100GS/R/RS/RT.
Please see the GS-911 Function Chart for the current compatibility and functionality.

This tool can only be used via a usb cable with the PC program.

Genuine or Counterfeit?

Motorvista is the official Hexcode distributor for Spain. All GS-911 sold by us include free access to the Spanish version of the software.

Beware of online shops or OBD "specialists" offering much cheaper versions of the GS-911: these are most likely Chinese clones (see here for more information). If the GS-911 includes a CD of software, it is a clone. The clones are not updateable and generally stop working after a few months.
Check the Hexcode website for the list of official distributors.