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Traction/Grip Pads - BMW R1200GS / R1200GS Adventure 2004-2012

  • Model: RG-EZRG106
  • Manufactured by: RG Racing

(including IVA)

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R&G Racing Traction/Grip Pads.

This product is compatible with these bikes:

  • BMW R1200GS - 2004-2007 
  • BMW R1200GS - 2008-2009 
  • BMW R1200GS - 2010-2012 
  • BMW R1200GS Adventure - 2006-2007 
  • BMW R1200GS Adventure - 2008-2009 
  • BMW R1200GS Adventure - 2010-2012 

R&G Racing Traction Pads are a dual-purpose product. They protect the surfaces that suffer most from abrasion, and provide greatly improved grip on the tank/contact points.

The flexible pads are unobtrusive but tough enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily and extreme racing use. The enhanced grip makes a huge difference to rider comfort allowing the rider to have better control of the bike and a better riding position, especially when braking and cornering. Increased grip also reduces rider fatigue and so increases safety on longer trips and in bad weather.

The grip surface is textured instead of abrasive and so will not damage clothing/leathers as with competing products.

The kits are bike-specific, comprising precision-cut pieces for a perfect fit. The adhesive backing is high-strength to maintain it's position under side-pressure but non-destructive allowing the protector to be removed or replaced without any damage to the underlying surface and leaving no adhesive residue.

DIY Universal kits are available which may be cut as required, to protect additional areas or for bikes where no pre-cut kit is currently available.

Please note that the pads may have an additional 25mm hole provided for the R&G sticker which may not be shown on the product photos.

Traction Pads - example black 1 Traction Pads - example black 2 Traction Pads - example clear 1 Traction Pads - example clear 2 Traction Pads - texture closeup

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