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Grip Puppies - Grip Comfort Sleeves

  • Manufactured by: Sportouring

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The "Grip Puppy" is an insulating cover for handgrips.
Available in two diameters: "Standard" for normal grips on a 25mm handlebar or "Large" for cruiser-size grips on 1" bars.
Simply slide them over your existing standard-size grips to get immediate riding benefits.


  • Reduces vibrations transmitted to the hand and wrist through the grip.
  • Greatly increased comfort from original hard, small grips
  • Better throttle control from the increased grip diameter, especially for fly-by-wire throttles: adds 7mm to the overall grip diameter.
  • UV and crack-resistant
  • Grip Puppies are 5" (12.7cm) long and are available in two diameters. They can be trimmed to length with a craft knife if necessary.

Manufactured from a high-tech material that is resistant to ultra-violet (sunlight), ozone and oxidation, these will not crack nor perish after years of exposure and outdoor use.
Grip Puppies are not simple foam covers, beware of imitations without the textured surface or shaped corners, made from ordinary foam pipe insulation!

Each Grip Puppy has been hand-finished to provide a textured surface for better grip and smooth bevelled ends for a professional appearance.


Apply some soapy water to the interior surfaces of the tubing and simply slide them over the existing grips. Allow some time to dry and... go for a ride!


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  by Serge (Portugal)
These grips do what I was looking for, that is reduce vibrations giving me a greater comfort. However, the also make the grip larger and might take some getting used to.


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