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The Throttlemeister cruise control system, to easily maintain your speed on the motorway, rest and relax your wrist and avoid cramps.

  • Reduces handlebar vibrations
  • Looks good
  • Does not occupy space on the grip like the Crampbuster
  • Can use with gloves
  • Discrete, doesn't draw attention
  • Easy installation thanks to the bike-specific mounting kits
  • Keep and re-use the bar ends on your next bike with the relevant mounting kit

Choose the correct Throttlemeister mounting kit for your bike: check the compatibility list.

You may purchase the Throttlemeister Bar Ends and a suitable mounting kit here.

(image for) Throttlemeister Bar-Ends
Choose the size and finish of the Throttlemeister bar-ends.
(image for) Mounting Kits
Choose the correct mounting kit for your bike.