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Ventz - Jacket Cooling System

  • Model: VG-Ventz
  • Manufactured by: Ventz Global Ltd.

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The Ventz Rider Cooling System provides a simple but effective solution to the excessive heat that can build up inside motorcycle protective clothing.

In all but the coolest weather, the temperature of the layer of warm air trapped inside protective clothing can rise to an uncomfortable level. Apart from the obvious discomfort, this can cause a dangerous loss of concentration as the body core temperature rises.

The Ventz system uses the bike's forward motion to funnel and accelerate a flow of air up the arms and out of the neck/vents of the clothing to keep you cool. This air-flow creates a zone of lower pressure that draws warm air up from the lower part of the body too.

Ventz Made in Britain

It is especially beneficial for pillion passengers who suffer most from overheating as the natural flow of air to the face and chest is blocked by the rider.

Using Ventz will make your journey cooler, more comfortable and even safer, allowing you to use a better protective jacket and gloves that were previously too hot to wear.

Please note that to be able to locate the Ventz correctly in the jacket arm (so they do not restrict hand movement), the jacket cuff should be adjustable or have sufficient room. A tight-fitting cuff will not allow the Ventz to be positioned comfortably.

This product comprises a pair of Ventz personal air-guides.
Ventz are made from shatter-proof plastic and synthetic rubber so will not break when dropped or in the event of a fall.

¿How do Ventz work so well?

The internal shape of the Ventz (wide inlet, narrow outlet) is designed to accelerate the air sufficiently to create an adequate flow rate through to the upper part of the jacket and out of the neck
For example an inlet air speed of 30 kph is increased to 52 kph and a speed of 100 kph is increased to 172 kph!

This air flow causes a drop in pressure in the surrounding zones, a phenomenon known as the Bernoulli principle (familiar to those who did their Physics O-level in 1983). This lower-pressure zone pulls up the air from the lower part of the jacket/suit causing a much more widespread cooling effect than would be expected.

How much do Ventz cool you down?

In an independent test conducted by the University of Bath (UK), use of the Ventz reduced the internal jacket temperature by almost 25%. Read the full technical report: here.

Ventz temperature comparison


  • Will they break in an accident or if dropped?
    The outer casing of the Ventz is made from shatter-proof plastic so will not break in the event of an accident. The internal section is synthetic rubber, ensuring they are both safe and comfortable to wear for extended periods.
  • Am I going to get insects up my arm?
    No. The Ventz have a grille over the inlet to block bees and wasps.
  • As they sold singly or as a pair?
    Ventz are sold in pairs.
  • Are Ventz effective for pillion passengers?
    Ventz are especially beneficial for pillion passengers.
    While the rider enjoys the cooling effect of direct airflow to the face and chest, this cool air is blocked for the passenger who consequently suffers much more from overheating than the rider.
    A pillion using Ventz will benefit greatly, being able to direct cool air into the jacket as much as required.
  • Are gloves necessary to hold the Ventz in place?
    No. The Ventz have a strong clip moulded into the upper section of the housing to secure them to the jacket cuff. Gloves are not necessary to hold them in place but should always be worn for basic protection.
  • What if it gets too cold to use the Ventz?
    The Ventz are easily removed and can be stored in smaller pockets.
    It takes only a moment to remove or re-fit them if the weather changes.
  • Will they fit in my pocket?
    The design of the Ventz and the soft rubber body allows them to be extremely portable and easily stored, fitting into most pockets.
  • I ride with my jacket cuffs open or only use a T shirt.
    This is understandable in hot climates but extremely dangerous and not recommended. Using Ventz will allow you to use adequate protective clothing and have a safer ride.
  • I wear a very tight jacket, will they still work?
    In order to function efficiently, Ventz need to circulate/move the internal layer of air inside the jacket so a tight fit will greatly reduce the cooling effect. If your jacket has a non-ajustable and tight cuff, Ventz are not recommended as it may be difficult to locate them properly where they do not impede the movement of the hand/press into the hand.
  • I want a different colour to the six available.
    Please contact us with your requirements.
  • Who makes the Ventz?
    Ventz are designed and are manufactured in the UK.

What does the press think?

Ventz reviews (4mb, pdf)

Ventz rider cooling system


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