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FI Cleaner - "FI" Error Reset Tools

  • Model: HT-FIC_INFO
  • Manufactured by: Healtech Electronics

(including IVA)

The Healtech FIC "FI Cleaners" are economical tools to quickly clear an "FI" error indication from the dashboard once a fault has been repaired.

IMPORTANT: check your bike is compatible with this product BEFORE purchase:

Healtech Visual/photo installation guides

Healtech User/Installation Manuals

Users can repair their bikes and clear faults without needing any additional software, computer or a dedicated OBD tool.
Workshops can clear faults after repairs faster than with a multi-brand OBD tool.

It is becoming more common that modern bikes require a series of riding cycles before the ECU will clear a fault indication by itself.
Some bikes will not clear a fault at all and require the use of a tool or an unnecessary visit to the dealership just to reset the fault indication.
The FIC tool avoids all that wasted time.

The FIC is the ultimate in plug & play: just plug it in and it will clear the error automatically (assuming the fault has been repaired).
No buttons to press or select, the simple LED display indicates the communication status of the tool.

Please note that the FIC tool will clear errors but not reset the Service Indicator as this is not classed as an error.

FIC tools are currently available for EURO4-compliant bikes from

Healtech FIC tool