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(image for) Garage Mat - Single 2m x 0.75m
Garage Mat - 2m x 0.75m. Made from thick polyester fibre for chemical and abrasion resistance, with a rubber non-slip backing. How to find R&G products for your bike? Given the huge range of products it is really not practical to just browse/look for the product(s) that may be compatible for your bike and so we strongly recommend you FIRST find the R&G...
(image for) Twinmax Vacuum Balancing tool, with carrying case
The Twinmax is a carburettor/throttle-body vacuum synchronisation tool, essential for ensuring the smooth-running of any engine. It shows the vacuum differential between two points of measurement, enabling fast and easy throttle-intake balancing. The current product (available from 2023 onwards) has a black fascia. The photos showing the silver fascia are for...
(image for) GS-911 - BMW Diagnostic Tools
The GS-911 range of diagnostic tools are the most complete and cost-effective BMW tools available. Developed by the Hexcode group and dedicated to BMW bike diagnosis only. Which GS-911 Do I Need? There are various versions of the GS-911 available, depending on the compatibility with each generation of BMW electronics the style of connector preferred (10-pin...
(image for) Harley-Davidson OBD-Smartphone - Can-Bus Interface
The Motorscan OBD Bluetooth interface allows you to use your smartphone as a diagnostic tool for compatible Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Available for both 4-pin and 6-pin diagnostic connectors, see the range here. Note: Not all sub-systems are installed on all motorcycles. May not be compatible with aftermarket injection mapping. If you are not sure which...
(image for) Paddock Stands
R&G Racing manufacture a complete range of paddock stands, including for single-side swingarms. See the full range here. The R&G Elevation paddock stands are designed for professional use, crafted from 35 x 2mm tubular steel (FE360) for the optimum strength to weight ratio, protected by a durable powder-coated matt-black finish. Double-wheel assemblies...