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3M Ventureshield Paint Protection 1m x 61cm uncut

  • Model: VS-UC61100
  • Manufactured by: 3M Ventureshield

(including IVA)

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3M Ventureshield Paint Protection film, uncut 1m x 61cm

3M VentureShield Paint Protection Film is an almost indestructible clear urethane film designed to protect paintwork and other delicate sufaces from stone damage, acidic oils, gasoline, and other abrasive elements. Approved by major automotive manufacturers such as Ferrari, Ford, GM, Nissan and VW 3M VentureShield is the toughest film on the market today and requires no special care or maintenance once installed.

We are updating the kit images at the moment, please visit our dedicated mini-site to see the pieces included in the kits and the full range of kits available.

We can provide custom kits containing duplicated pieces, remove unneeded pieces from the standard full kits or add extra pieces. Contact us directly stating your requirements.

Easy Installation

The film has a special adhesive that in conjunction with a simple soap solution allows free movement of the piece prior to secure fixing. The adhesive also allows repeated removal and reinstallation to get the perfect position.

Installation video 1
Installation video 2

Future removal of the piece leaves no sticky adhesive residues - guaranteed.

VentureShield is guaranteed for life against yellowing or cracking due to UV exposure.

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Currently Viewing Product 15 of 76