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Auxiliary Lights

Front Spotlights
DENALI Light kits Comparison DENALI Lights Comparison ("A Bike Thing") All values in this table are for TWO DENALI lights. Click on a column heading to sort the table. DENALI Light Kits LEDs Lumens Price SPOT Lens: Reach / Width FLOOD Lens: Reach-Width Weight Current EU Approval S4 8 x 7W 6132 285.95€ 165/30m (single lens) 0.73 kg 4.6 A No DM 2 x 10W 2190 313.95€ 121/15m 53/45m 0.453 kg 1.6 A "Reversing Light" D2 2 x 10W 2190 382.95€ 160/23m 68/48m 0.54 kg 1.6... more info
Visibility Lights
DENALI B6/DRL Visibility Lights - Common Features DENALI B6/DRL light pods are designed to produce an extremely high light output from the most compact, low-profile housing possible. Available in white for increased daytime visibility, amber as indicators and red for brake lights, they can be used at full or half intensity (or automatically switched using the bike's low/high beam lights). The B6/DRL lights concentrate the light output at the bike for increased visibility to other road users.... more info
Mounting kits, accessories and spares for the DENALI LED lighting systems.