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DENALI DataDim Dual-Intensity Controller

  • Model: TT-DNL.WHS.11000
  • Manufactured by: DENALI Electronics

(including IVA)

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The DENALI DataDim™ Dual-Intensity Controller enables DENALI lights to be switched between half and full intensity.

There are two methods to control the intensity:
1) by using a control cable (included with the DataDim) connected to the vehicle's high-beam cable/signal.
The lights are switched on using the standard off-on switch included with the DENALI light kit and are at half-intensity. When the vehicle's high-beam light is used, the DENALI lights are automatically switched to full intensity.
2) by replacing the standard on-off switch with the Hi-Low-Off switch. In this case the DENALI lights can be controlled completely independently of the vehicle's lights.

The DataDim is an optional upgrade for all DENALI LED light (v2.0) kits.

Easy Installation

The controller is simply plugged into the existing DENALI harness and an additional control wire is connected to to the vehicle's high-beam circuit as shown in the images, or the optional Hi-Low-Off switch can be used.

All products supplied by Motorvista include instructions in english and spanish.

Kit Contents

  • DataDim™ Dual-Intensity Controller x 1
  • Dual-Intensity Trigger/Control cable x 1
  • To control DENALI lights independently of the vehicle's main-beam light, use this DataDim controller in conjunction with the Hi-Low-Off switch.

Currently Viewing Product 7 of 42