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DENALI HI-OFF-LOW Waterproof Switch

  • Model: TT-DNL.WHS.11200
  • Manufactured by: DENALI Electronics

(including IVA)

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This HI-OFF-LOW switch replaces the standard ON-OFF switch normally included with the DENALI LED lamp kits.

This switch, must be used with the DataDim controller, enables control of the DENALI lights independent of the vehicle's original lights (Off/Low-Intensity/High-Intensity).

This method of control is sometimes required for motorcycles with LED headlights where the 12v high-beam circuit is not suitable for controlling the DENALI lights.

The switch is 100% waterproof.

Note that this switch MUST be used in conjunction with the DataDim Controller.

Kit Contents

Optional supports are available

- For mounting a switch to the brake/clutch fixing: DNL.MBK.10000.

- For mounting two switches to a single round bracket: DNL.MBK.10100.

Currently Viewing Product 11 of 42