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SoundBomb Accessories

Adapter BMW Horn connector to twin FASTON/blade terminals
This BMW adapter converts the BMW horn connector to a standard pair of spade terminals. This avoids the need to cut off the original connector or splice new wires when installing a SoundBomb horn. In the case of the SoundBomb Mini, this is the only additional part required to connect the replacement horn. In the case of the SoundBomb Air Horns (Compact/Split), ... more info
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DIY Cabling kit for DENALI Air horns
This kit is intended to include all the necessary components for the installation of a DENALI SoundBomb Air Horn (Compact/Split) in most motorcycles. Kit Contents Red wire: 91cm x 1.6mm (3' 14AWG) White wire: 91cm x 1.6mm (3' 14AWG) Blue wire: 91cm x 1.6mm (3' 14AWG) Black wire: 61m x 1.6mm (2' 14AWG) Spade Terminals Female Red .25 x 4 Spade Terminals Female ... more info
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Plug & Play Wiring Kit For DENALI SoundBomb Air Horns
DENALI Plug & Play Wiring kit for DENALI SoundBomb Air Horns This is a complete harness for a "Plug & Play" installation of a DENALI SoundBomb Air Horn (Compact/Split) into the original horn circuit of the motorcycle. All connectors are pre-installed and so will not require any cutting, soldering or crimping. The harness includes a relay socket for the ... more info
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DENALI CANsmart™ Controller for BMW R1200 LC Series
This product is compatible only with BMW R1200GS/R/RT Liquid-Cooled bikes: BMW R1200GS LC 2013- BMW R1200GS LC Adventure 2014- BMW R1200RS 2015- BMW R1200R 2015- BMW R1200RT 2014- The DENALI CANsmart™ Controller connects up to four accessories/external electrical circuits to the BMW R1200 LC series bikes, and allows each accessory to be controlled directly ... more info
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