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ESE - Exhaust Servo Eliminators/Emulators

  • Model: HT-ESE
  • Manufactured by: Healtech Electronics

(including IVA)

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A Healtech ESE Exhaust Servo Eliminator allows you to remove the OEM servo motor (and control cables) without triggering an "FI" warning on the dashboard.
It also ensures the ECU continues to use the OEM fuel mapping.

ESE Exhaust Servo Eliminators

  • Compatible with the OEM exhaust, all slip-ons and full exhaust systems
  • Can save up to 1kg in weight reduction – the ESE weighs only 24g!
  • Plug and Play installation
  • Completely waterproof and shock resistant
  • 2-year warranty

What is an exhaust servo motor?

Most sportsbikes have a valve in the exhaust system to restrict the flow under certain conditions.
Why? Generally they are partially closed at idle/low rpm to reduce the noise and at very high rpm to reduce the maximum noise and meet emissions regulations.
This valve is controlled by a small stepper motor and possibly some cables.

Why remove the exhaust servo motor?

Most after-market exhaust systems (and some slip-on systems) do not have a valve and so the servo motor becomes redundant.
Some users disconnect the valve control cables to leave the valve wide open for more power.
The servo motor can be prone to failure.
The servo motor can be bulky and heavy so removal reduces weight and gains space.

Why do you need the ESE?

The servo motor is controlled by the ECU and will usually detect when it is missing and indicate this on the dash with a "FI" error light. Additionally the ECU may also apply a reduced power mapping as a result of the "fault".

The ESE mimics the electronics of the servo motor to fool the ECU that it is still installed.
This removes/prevents the "FI" error message and ensures the standard fuel mapping is used.

Currently Viewing Product 1 of 4

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ESE - Exhaust Servo Eliminators/Emulators:
ESE Model - ESE-D04

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