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GIpro X-Type G2 Gear Indicator - Display only

  • Model: HT-GPXT
  • Manufactured by: Healtech Electronics

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It is ESSENTIAL that you also purchase the correct GPX harness for your bike to connect the GIpro X-Type display - the display CANNOT be used without a harness.

The GIpro X-Type G2 Gear Indicator was launched in 2017 and replaces the G1 version. It has the same functions as the G1 but has an integrated touch-sensor to access the menu functions.

The GIpro X-Type G2 together with the correct GPX harness can be installed in any vehicle with an electronic speedometer (for bikes with a mechanical speedometer the GPX-WSS harness includes an external speed sensor).

The GIpro X-Type G2 is designed for those bikes that cannot use a GIpro w/ATRE or a GIpro DS.

  • The gear in use is determined by the GIpro X-Type by comparing the road speed and the engine speed. This is the standard method used by all "universal" gear indicators. However, the GIpro X-Type G2, launched in 2017, features adapting microprocessor circuitry that can change its method of analysing the signals to cope with almost all bikes. This enables it to work on "difficult" bikes where other gear indicators fail or give unreliable results.
  • The GIpro X-Type G2 does not require any "programming wires" or buttons, all menu functions are available using a touch-sensor built into the housing ensuring the unit is 100% waterproof.
  • The GIpro X-Type G2 screen must be installed using a GPX harness suitable for your bike, which plugs directly into the speed sensor conectors. A connection to an rpm-related signal is also required ("pickup" crankshaft sensor/tacometer/an ignition coil). Depending on the bike model, an additional connection to 12v may be necessary. No cutting or soldering of wires is necessary: the kit includes quick-connectors.
  • There is a universal harness (GPX-U01/U02) available for bikes with uncommon wiring/connectors
  • There is a special harness (GPX-WSS) with a wheel speed sensor included for bikes with no electronic speed sensor (mechanical/cable speedometer)
  • In addition to the gear indicator, the GIpro X-Type G2 also has a programmable shift/speed warning light, unique in the market!
  • The reaction time of the GIpro X-Type G2 is very fast without the usual delay typical in other brands of universal gear indicators
  • The display is the smallest on the market (the same as the GIpro DS)
  • 100% water-resistent
  • 2 year warranty
  • The display colours available include red, blue, yellow, green, and white. Green and Yellow colour are best suited to shaded locations.

There are housings available to mount the GIpro X-Type.

It is also possible to buy a GIpro X-Type custom-made.
Possible options are: with the display separate from the electronics for mounting in the dash, with a flat or round interconnecting cable, with a 3m cable or with a large display like the GIpro w/ATRE.

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Currently Viewing Product 2 of 27