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GIpro X-Type

Universal gear indicator with programmable shift/speed led.
Uses the speed signal (using a bike-specific harness) and rpm signal to determine the gear in use.

GIpro X-Type G2 Gear Indicator - Display only
The GIpro X-Type G2 universal gear indicator is compatible with almost any motorcycle, used for the many bikes that cannot use a GIpro GPAT (connected to a gear sensor) or a GIpro GPDT (connected to the diagnostic port). This product is the display only: it has a very short cable with a bespoke connector, intended to be used together with one of the many...... more info

Healtech Electronics
GIPRO-M Handlebar Support for GIpro DS/X-Type/ATRE G2, Shift Light pro
These supports are manufactured by Healtech Electronics to house the GIpro ATRE G2 gear indicators, GIpro DS gear indicators, the X-Type gear indicators and the SLP Shift Light pro. The supports fit any diameter handlebars and can be adjusted to any angle. Manufactured from high-quality billet aluminium, the housings are available in a brushed black or a...... more info

Healtech Electronics
GPX harnesses for the GIpro X-Type Gear Indicator
These bike-specific harnesses are used with the GIpro X-Type Gear Indicator display to facilitate the installation process. The GIpro X-Type requires four connections: switched power, ground, speed signal and rpm signal (from the crankshaft position sensor/an ignition coil signal or the tachometer signal). Tha GPX harness plugs directly into the speed sensor...... more info

Healtech Electronics