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MM5 - MultiMeter 5

  • Model: HT-8101
  • Manufactured by: Healtech Electronics

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The MultiMeter-5 is a multifunction information display for mounting in almost any vehicle (requires 6-18v dc power).

It includes the following functions:

Function 1: Temperature measurement

Includes an external temperature sensor (-35 to +120 °C) for mounting on the water pipe or in the air for ambient temperature.
The display can show the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
Shows the previous maximum and minimum temperatures (resettable).
Can be used with an optional water-temperature probe.

Function 2: Voltage measurement

Shows the battery voltage.
Shows the previous maximum and minimum voltage levels (resettable).
Programmable low-voltage alert.
Programmable back-light auto-shutoff.

Function 3: Ride timer

Shows the time passed since the ignition was switched on.
Useful for taking regular breaks on long trips.

Function 4: Engine Run Meter

Counts the total time (in hours) that the engine has been used since the MM5 was installed.
Can be reset from the Settings menu.

Function 5: Stopwatch

Stopwatch function with resume.

Function 5+1: Laptimer

Shows the current, last and best lap times.
The laptimer works with a manual trigger, the rider has to push a remote button when passing the finish line.
A large arrow sign indicates whether the new lap is better or not.

Main features:

  • The high-contrast display (cold white/light blue) ensures the information is easy to see in all light conditions.
  • All functions can be accessed with the single remote button.
  • The unit can be set to cycle the display of the first three functions (temperature, voltage and ride timer) continuously.
  • The unit includes a wide-range, high-precision external temperature sensor to monitor external objects (engine casing, oil system etc.) if required.
  • Quick and simple installation, only 2 wires to connect (power and 0v ground).
  • Works with a wide range of dc power supplies, from 6-18v dc.
  • The power lead can be connected either directly to the battery/a permanent live or to a switched (ignition key) power source, depending on how the user wants to use the voltage min/max display and timer functions.
  • When the unit is powered from a permanent live wire, the backlight shut-off voltage level can be adjusted to ensure a very low standby current draw.
  • Rugged design, 100% waterproof.
  • Works on all vehicles whether diesel or petrol engines including all motorcycles, ATVs, tractors, cars, trucks, planes, boats, snowmobiles, lawnmowers etc..
  • Compact dimensions for motorcycle use (41x41x12mm).

PLEASE NOTE: This is a generic product which is displayed by default for all bike models. However, please check carefully the product description to confirm compatibility with your bike.

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