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Thunderbox - Accessory Power Distribution Module

  • Model: HT-TB-U0x
  • Manufactured by: Healtech Electronics

(including IVA)

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The Thunderbox Advanced Power Distribution modules provides the safest method to add electrical accessories to your vehicle.

Available in 16A or 32A versions, the module protects your battery from short-circuits, overloading and discharging.


TB-U01: Supplies up to 16A to external accessories via a 5-way spring connector block.

TB-U02: Supplies up to 32A to external accessories via two 5-way spring connector blocks.


  • Isolates accessories from the battery when the engine is switched off.
  • Connects accessories to the battery automatically when the engine is started or when the ignition key is switched on.
  • Protects the electrical system from any short circuit or over-current in any connected accessory.
  • Electronic "fuses" that never require replacement.
  • No programming necessary.


  • Red – battery 12v
  • Black – battery 0V
  • White – optional. Connect to a key-switched 12v supply to enable the accessory outputs with the ignition. If the white cable is not connected, the accessory outputs are enabled when the engine starts.
  • Green – accessory output 12v
  • Black – accessory output 0v

USB Charger for external use

A Healtech USB charger is also available here, for use with a Thunderbox module.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a generic product which is displayed by default for all bike models. However, please check carefully the product description to confirm compatibility with your bike.

Currently Viewing Product 4 of 5