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Quickshifter Easy

Innovative high-performance Quickshifter with wireless configuration.

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Quickshifter easy - iQSE Module
The Quickshifter Easy from Healtech Electronics provides racing-standard performance at an affordable price. Designed for the average rider, the iQSE has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible, with a plug-and-play installation and all configuration options accessible wirelessly (via Bluetooth) using an Android/Apple application. You can download and ... more info
Healtech Electronics -
"Plug and Play" cables for the iQSE Quickshifter Easy
QSH Plug-and-Play harnesses for use with the iQSE Quickshifter easy by Healtech Electronics. The iQSE Quickshifter easy module is purchased separately and is available here. Look for a harness compatible with your bike using the "Product Advisor" below. Please take great care in selecting the correct harness especially if you have an Aprilia/Suzuki which may ... more info
Healtech Electronics -
Bridge Connector for QSH/QSX harnesses
Bridge connector plug for use with a QSE/iQSE Quickshifter QSH/QSX harness when the QSE/iQSE module is not installed/disconnected. This plug allows the ignition system to function normally without having to remove an installed QSH/QSX harness. Note this item is included with the QSE/iQSE Quickshifter module.
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Installation Kit (cone washers) for the QSS-1 Ring Sensor
This replacement installation kit includes the M6 bolt and spacer and the two conical washers for use with the iQSE QSS-1 Ring Sensor Note: these items are normally included with the QSS-1 ring sensor.
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Replacement Ring Sensor QSS-1 for iQSE QuickShifter Easy
A replacement ring sensor for the Healtech iQSE QuickShifter Easy. This sensor comes with integrated pressure washers. Note: this item is included with the iQSE-1/iQSE-2 QuickShifter Easy control modules.
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