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Speedohealer - Speedometer/Odometer Calibrator - 2 wire kit version

  • Model: HT-1040
  • Manufactured by: Healtech Electronics

(including IVA)

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This special Speedohealer kit is only suitable for vehicles with a 2-wire inductive sensor such as the Yamaha XT250 (2005-2015) and YBR250 (2007-2012).
It is a complete kit including all necessary cables but the installation will require the cutting and splicing of the vehicle cables (it is NOT plug and play).

IMPORTANT: check this product is compatible with your bike

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On a modern sportsbike, the margin of error inherent in the factory speedometer can be as much as 10%.
Changing the sprocket ratios can further increase this margin, rising as high as 30% with the corresponding increase in odometer reading, affecting the resale value of the bike.

The SpeedoHealer is well-known as the most reliable and flexible calibrator on the market, enabling easy calibration of the speedometer to achieve 100% accuracy. Compatible with any bike having an electronic speedometer.

3 functions in one unit !

  • Programmable calibrator with Dual Memory function - Calibrate the speedometer or odometer for 100% accuracy. Two memories to store two different calibration settings.
  • Converter - Converts km/h to mph. Program the speedometer to read in accordance with the country of travel. (eg. in the UK)
  • Maximum Speed Memory - Allows the last maximum speed to be re-displayed on the speedometer at the push of a button


  • Eliminates the factory error of the speedometer
  • Compensate for changes in the tyre sizes
  • Compensate for changes in sprocket sizes
  • Achieve a 100% accurate speedometer/odometer in "streetbikes", cars with motorcycle engines, quads or snowmobiles
  • Removes the speed restriction in some bikes such as the Kawasaki ZX-12R, ZX-14, ZZR1400
  • Convert to miles or km in imported vehicles
  • Compensate for an after-market speedometer

More reasons to use a SpeedoHealer

  • Speedometer/odometer exact regardless of changes to the vehicle
  • Odometer will not over-read, affecting the resale value of the vehicle
  • Last top speed achieved - who does not want to know that?
  • Speed legal: the speedometer will always show the real value, no more estimating
  • Speed no longer limited by the factory (ZX-12R, ZX-14, ZZR1400)


  • Largest calibration range (from -99.9% to +9999.9%) together with the finest increments (0.1%)
  • Dual Memory allowing a change in calibration values at the punch of a button. Useful for road and race use with a change of tyres.
  • Remote push-button:to show the Last Top Speed
  • Greatest precision
  • High quality harnesses "Plug-n-Go"
  • Interactive test mode: check the installation before you leave the workshop
  • Easy setup thanks to the calculators:
    - Online in
    - for Apple
    - for Android
  • Wide range of operating parameters: from +3V to +19V and -40°C hasta +80°C (-40°F hasta +176°F).
  • 100% resistant to water, it is designed to last
  • The lightest, smallest unit on the market
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