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Speedohealer - Speedometer/Odometer Calibrator

  • Model: HT-1000x
  • Manufactured by: Healtech Electronics

Price: 63,00€
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The SpeedoHealer is the most reliable and flexible speedometer calibrator available, enabling easy correction of the speedometer to achieve 100% accuracy. Compatible with any bike having an electronic speedometer.

This product is the SpeedoHealer electronics module only. A SpeedoHealer cable is required that is compatible with your vehicle - available here.

IMPORTANT: check this product is compatible with your bike

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SpeedoHealer Versions

SpeedoHealer V4-TS - generic module with Top Speed button

This unit is the standard SpeedoHealer and includes an (optional) external button which, when pressed, displays the last top speed on the speedometer.

SpeedoHealer V4-AB - generic module with A/B memory switch

This unit includes an optional external switch which allows the instant changeover between memory A and B.

A typical use for this option would be to use
- memory A for normal use/to correct the speedometer display, and
- memory B to bypass a speed limiter. This is achieved by programming a large, negative correction factor such as -30% to deceive the ECU that the vehicle is moving far slower than the real speed, thereby preventing the limiter from operating.

SpeedoHealer V4-C - special module only for specific bikes

SpeedoHealer V4-2WA - special module for specific vehicles with a two-wire inductive speed sensor

Why use a SpeedoHealer?

Correct the Error of the Speedometer/Odometer

On a modern sportsbike, the margin of error inherent in the factory speedometer can be as much as 10%.
Changing the sprocket ratios and/or tyre sizes can further increase this error, rising as high as 30% with the corresponding increase in odometer total affecting the resale value of the bike.

A SpeedoHealer will calibrate your speedometer/odometer to compensate for these errors and show a true value for your speed and total mileage.

No more guessing or worrying about your true speed.

Remove the Speed Limitation

Some vehicles have a speed limiter, for example Can-Am ATVs, Honda CBR1000RR / VFR800X / VFR1200F, Kawasaki ZX-10R / ZX-12R / ZX-14 / ZZR140, Polaris ATVs, Yamaha FZ-09 / MT-09 / YZF-R1 / V-Max (and many others).

A SpeedoHealer can prevent the limiter from activating, for race use only. Although all SpeedoHealers have two memories, probably the SpeedoHealer V4-AB is the most appropriate module for this application. See the description above for the SpeedoHealer V4-AB.

Convert the speedometer display to show km/h o mph

No need to guess your speeds when you are travelling across different countries. A SpeedoHealer will convert from km/h at the press of a button (conversion from mph to km/h requires a conversion factor to be used +60.9%).

Install a Replacement Speedometer

A replacement speedometer may not work correctly with the original/unmodified signal from the vehicles speed sensor. A SpeedoHealer can modify that signal to allow the speedometer to work correctly, or it can be used with an external speed sensor (SpeedoHealer cable SH-WSS).

Show your Last Top Speed (SpeedoHealer V4-TS/V4-C/V4-2WA)

The SpeedoHealer V4-TS includes a small external button (for mounting in a convenient place) that will cause the SpeedoHealer to show the last recorded top speed on the speedometer.


  • Programmable calibrator with Dual Memory function - Calibrate the speedometer or odometer for 100% accuracy. Two memories to store two different calibration settings.
  • Converter - Converts km/h to mph. Program the speedometer to read in accordance with the country of travel. (eg. in the UK)
  • Maximum Speed Memory - SpeedoHealer versions TS/V4-C/2WA.
    Allows the last maximum speed to be re-displayed on the speedometer at the push of a button
  • A/B Memory function - SpeedoHealer AB only.
    Allows switching between correction factors with a remote switch.
  • "Plug-n-Go" harnesses available for most bikes: here
  • Largest calibration range (from -99.9% to +9999.9%) together with the smallest increments (0.1%)
  • Greatest precision
  • Interactive test mode: check the installation before you leave the workshop
  • Easy setup thanks to the calculators:
    - Online in www.healtech-electronics.com
    - App for Apple
    - App or Android
  • Wide range of operating parameters: from +3V to +19V and -40°C hasta +80°C (-40°F hasta +176°F).
  • 100% resistant to water.
  • Epoxy sealed for vibration resistance.
  • The lightest, smallest unit available.


The installation process is usually very easy, requiring only three steps.

1) Connect the SpeedoHealer Plug n' Go harness into the speed sensor cable

The SpeedoHealer cables have the same connectors as the compatible vehicle and only require to be plugged in, no soldering or wire-cutting is necessary. There is a large range of cables available, compatible with most bikes.

The main exceptions are some Yamaha models with ABS or smaller manufacturers that use uncommon connectors. Always consult the Healtech Product Advisor prior to purchase to confirm the recommended cable for your vehicle.

There are many installation guides available on the Healtech website (see the guides titled "SH-...")

2) Connect the SpeedoHealer module and perform the setup checks

This ensures the SpeedoHealer is receiving the speed signal and that the speedometer is receiving the modified signal.

3) Program the required correction factor to eliminate the error

Every vehicle is different and so requires a different amount of correction.

You can use the online calculators to estimate the correction necessary or use a GPS/ride a set distance at a fixed speed to determine the real speed and calculate the % difference.

- Online in www.healtech-electronics.com
- App for Apple
- App or Android

Example SpeedoHealer installation - Yamaha YZF-R3/R25

All products supplied by Motorvista include instructions in english and spanish.

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Date Added: 22/08/2016 by Morten
Great product and works as advertised. Based on previous experiences with Healtech I expect no problems with the unit. Excellent customer service from Steve at Motorvista also.

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