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GS-911 3-pin - BMW Diagnostic Tool - BMW K100RS, K1, K1100LT/RS, R850GS/R/RT, R1100GS/R/RS/RT

  • Model: HX-GS911-3PIN
  • Manufactured by: Hexcode

This product is not currently CE marked and so we are not offering it for sale. It may be purchased from other resellers: Hexcode Resellers.

This GS-911 3-pin interface is suitable only for older models of BMW that use a 3-pin rectangular connector.

The Hexcode GS-911 is a diagnostic and maintenance tool for BMW motorcycles.
Compact and shock-resistant, it was originally designed as an emergency tool for use on the road by BMW bike owners but has developed into the best tool available for anyone wishing to service BMW bikes whether home users or professional workshops.

Compatible with BMW models with Type 1 electronics: MoDiTeC (1997-2003)

BMW K1, K100RS K1100LT/RS, R850GS/R/RT, R1100GS/R/RS/RT.
Please see the Hexcode Function Chart for the current compatibility and functionality.

This tool can only be used via a usb cable with the PC program.

GS-911 Functions

The functions available with the GS-911 will vary depending on the model of bike (or, more correctly, the type of controllers/ECUs fitted to that bike). For up-to-date details about the functionality available, search for your bike in the Hexcode Function Chart.

The functions of the GS-911 are classed into two groups: "Emergency" and "Service".

"Emergency" Functions

  • Read the ECU information (type, year, software level...)
  • Show the faults detected by each ECU to help investigate problems with the bike
  • Clear/delete fault codes
  • Show the output of various sensors in real-time

The use of these "Emergency" functions is unlimited in both the "Enthusiast" and "Professional" versions: you can check any number of bikes.

"Service" Functions

Always check the Hexcode Function Chart for more detailed information about the functions available for your bike.

  • Change the service reminder date/km
  • Perform calibrations of stepper motors (TPS), fuel tank strips, ESA etc.
  • Lock idle actuators for throttle-body synchronisation
  • Reset of adaptation values
  • Add new components such as tyre pressure sensors (but not new controllers nor a new dash)
  • Purge ABS
  • Perform various output tests of actuators, valves and stepper motors and dash lights
  • Switch tests
  • Monitor and record sensor output in real-time

The GS-911 Enthusiast versions are limited to use of the Service functions for up to 10 bikes. The Professional versions have no limitation.

GS-911 Software

All appropriate software (for your GS-911 model) is downloaded from the manufacturers website after purchase of the GS-911 using the "GS911 Downloader Utility" program (Windows only).

The GS-911 does not include any software with the product. If your GS-911 includes a CD with software, it is not a genuine GS-911, it is a counterfeit product.

The primary GS-911 software is a PC program (Windows).
This software contains all the diagnostic and service functionality available. Notifications of updates are automatic. Updates require a new version of the program to be downloaded and installed.

A GS-911 is normally supplied with free download access to the English-version of the software only: the translations in Spanish, Dutch and German are available for purchase separately as these are maintained by each country reseller.
However, a GS-911 supplied by Motorvista includes free download access to the Spanish version of the software. A GS-911 bought from any other GS-911 distributor does not include free access to the Spanish version of the software.

Note that only one version (English or Spanish or any other language) can be installed at one time. However, there is no restriction on the installation of the software (unlimited computers, unlimited times).

All products supplied by Motorvista include instructions in english and spanish.

GS-911 FAQ

There is a comprehensive GS-911 FAQ on the Hexcode website, but here are some of the most common queries we receive.


Where is the User Manual?

There is no user manual. It is intended that all necessary information for use is contained within the software itself. If you find something is unclear, or incorrect, please contact us so it can be improved or corrected.

Where can I get more help?

a) there is a forum for GS-911 users on the Hexcode website.

b) the Hexcode Helpdesk for reporting problems with the device or with a particular bike. It is not a helpdesk for how to repair a bike problem.

Where is the diagnostic connector?

There are examples of the connector locations here.

What is the I-Level?

This is the software/firmware version of the controller as explained here.

Software - PC Program

Does it work on the Apple Mac?

More information here.

My Antivirus software says there is a virus in the Windows program

More information here

Replacement of RDC (TPMS) Sensors

More information on the Hexcode website here.


R1200 Twincam

Problem: After an Idle Actuator Calibration, the engine runs very rough.
Solution: "Reset All Adaptations Values".

The ECU firmware requires an update from BMW, more information here.

Which GS-911 Do I Need?

There are various versions of the GS-911 available, depending on

- the compatibility with each generation of BMW electronics

- the style of connector preferred (10-pin BMW or 16-pin OBD2).

The GS-911 software is constantly being updated and new functionality added, so the information listed here regarding compatibility may not be up-to-date: always consult the Hexcode Function Chart for the current functionality.

Here is a summary of the models of GS-911 available.

GS-911 model Details

10-pin BMW

GS-911wifi 10-pin BMW and GS-911wifi 16-pin OB2

These are the most recent GS-911, compatible with the 2nd and 3rd (current) type of BMW electronics including the liquid-cooled and EURO4 bikes.

The tools differ only by the native connector style (10-pin round BMW or 16-pin OBD2). Either tool can be used with a different style of bike connector via a adapter cable.

Compatible with BMW models with Type 3 electronics: MOSS/ISTA / "LC" / K001 chassis type (2011+)


R1200GS LC (K50), R1200GS Adv LC (K51), R1200RT LC (K52), R1200R LC (K53), R1200RS LC (K54), R1250GS LC (K50), R1250GS Adv LC (K51), R1250RT LC (K52), R1250R LC (K53), R1250RS LC (K54), R nineT (K21) 2017+, R nineT Pure (K22), R nineT Scrambler (K23), R nineT Racer (K32), R nineT Urban G/S (K33)


K1600GT (K48), K1600GTL (K48), K1600GTL Exclusive (K48), K1600 Bagger (K61)


S1000R (K47), S1000RR (K46), 2015+ S1000XR (K49)


F800GS (K72) 2016+, F800GSA (K75) 2016+, F800GT (K71) 2016+, F800R (K73) 2016+, F700GS (K70) 2017+, F850GS (K81) 2018+, F750GS (K80) 2018+


C650 Sport (K18A) 2016+, C650GT (K19A) 2016+, C400GT (K08) 2018+, C400X (K09) 2018+, C-evolution (K17)


G310GS (K02) 2017+, G310R (K03) 2017+

Always consult the Hexcode Function Chart for the current functionality.

Compatible with BMW models with Type 2 electronics: GT1/Komet (2004-2010)


HP2 Enduro/Megamoto/Sport, R1200GS/R1200GS Adventure, R1200R/RT/ST/S, R nineT (2014-2016)
R1200C/CL, R1150GS/R/RS/RT, R1100S, R900RT, R850/R/RT (with the round connector)


K1300GT/R/S, K1200GT/R/S/LT/GT (non-CAN), K1200RS

F-Series (2000-2016):

F800GS/GT/R/S, F700GS, F650GS (2008-2013, 2 cylinder), F650CS

C-Series (2000-2015):

C600 Sport, C650GT, C1-125, C1-200


G650 XChallenge/XCounty/XMoto, G650GS, G450X

S-Series (2010-2014):

S1000RR, S1000RR HP4

Always consult the Hexcode Function Chart for the current functionality.

The tools can be used:
- by a PC program (Windows) via a usb cable, or
- via a browser on any device with wifi capability, or
- via a browser on any device connected to a LAN, where the GS-911 is connected to the LA via wifi.

16-pin OB2

GS911usb G2
16-pin OB2 - "Enthusiast"

GS911usb G2 16-pin OB2 - "Enthusiast"

This unit is also compatible with the 2nd/3rd Generation BMWs as above, but to offer a cheaper unit for bike-owners, this version does not have wifi: it can only be used via a usb cable with the PC program (Windows) and is not upgradeable to a Professional Version.
It has the OBD2 16-pin rectangular connector. For connection to an older BMW bike with a round 10-pin plug, the cable adapter 16-pin OBD2-10-pin BMW is required.

GS-911 3-pin

GS-911 3-pin

Older models of BMW have a rectangular 3-pin diagnostic connector.
This tool is only compatible with those bikes.

Compatible with BMW models with Type 1 electronics: MoDiTeC (1997-2003)

BMW K1, K100RS K1100LT/RS, R850GS/R/RT, R1100GS/R/RS/RT.
Please see the Hexcode Function Chart for the current compatibility and functionality.

This tool can only be used via a usb cable with the PC program.

Genuine or Counterfeit?

Motorvista is the official Hexcode distributor for Spain. All GS-911 sold by us include free access to the Spanish version of the software.

Beware of online shops or OBD "specialists" offering much cheaper versions of the GS-911: these are most likely Chinese clones (see here for more information). If the GS-911 includes a CD of software, it is a clone. The clones are not updateable and generally stop working after a few months.
Check the Hexcode website for the list of official distributors.

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