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What is a Kaoko throttle stabiliser?

The Kaoko is a device designed to safely maintain the accelerator in the position you choose. It is not a cruise control, it does not maintain your speed; it maintains the position of the grip.

Which Kaoko do I need for my bike?

There are over 200 bike-specific Kaoko kits. There are also kits for use with certain Barkbusters handguards and R&G Racing bar-ends.

Please use our Kaoko Bike Reference List or the Kaoko website to find the correct model number/Kaoko kit for your bike, and then search for that model in this shop.

If you cannot find a compatible kit or you have any questions, please contact us.

Is the Kaoko safe?

The Kaoko does not "lock" the accelerator; it pushes against the side of the throttle tube, using friction to maintain the accelerator in position / not close automatically when released. The accelerator can always be opened or closed normally using your hand, and the Kaoko can be disengaged easily when rolling off the throttle.

To date there have been no safety-related accidents regarding the use of the Kaoko and so it is sold and trusted by the largest motorcycle accessory distributors in Europe, USA and Australia.

Benefits of the Kaoko

  • Allows the user to release the accelerator periodically to rest the wrist and arm, reducing fatigue during long-distance trips.
  • Avoid developing medical problems due to prolonged muscle tension and vibration.
  • Smooth out throttle response in fly-by-wire/electronic accelerator systems that are too sensitive.
  • Constant throttle control for stunt riders.

Characteristics of the Kaoko

In most cases the Kaoko kit is a replacement for the accelerator bar-end, matched as closely as possible to the original bar-end in size and weight. The bar end (where supplied) is made from steel with a black powder-coating finish and the friction nut/control ring is moulded from a high-quality plastic.

In other cases, such as for hand-guards, a bar-end may not be necessary, see the product photos and instruction sheet for the model compatible with your bike to clarify the exact product supplied and the installation procedure.

All units have a five-year guarantee.

How does the Kaoko Work?

Kaoko Operation

By turning the castellated wheel while opening the throttle, the Kaoko pushes against the edge of the inner throttle tube (not the rubber of the grip) sufficiently to hold it in place by friction only. It cannot lock the throttle tube.
The rider adjusts the friction as necessary; it is not "on" or "off".

Kaoko - how to engage

To disengage the Koako, simply hold the knurled wheel when closing the accelerator to turn it away from you and remove the friction.

Kaoko - how to disengage


Installation is simple and normally may be carried out by the home user.

In principle, all installations are similar:

  1. Remove the original bar-end. The method by which each bike manufacture fixes the factory bar-ends to the handlebar varies greatly, and is the primary reason why there are so many Kaoko kits!
  2. Install the friction washer against the throttle tube end.
  3. Install the Kaoko Friction nut and bar-end (if included).

For specific installation details, please first find the name/model of the Kaoko kit you need for your bike using the Kaoko Bike Reference List or the Kaoko website, and then download the corresponding manual for that kit.

Kaoko Installation

Reviews & More Example Installations

About Kaoko

Kaoko is based in South Africa, where the need for a throttle stabiliser was very strong due to the extremely long distances between the major cities. The first throttle control was launched in 2001 and now there are over 200 kits available.

In 2009 Kaoko was awarded the prestigious SABS Design Excellence Award and in 2013 was named as the Web Bike World Accessory of the Year.

SABS Design Excellence Awards 2009link to WebBike World Products of the Year 2013