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"Scottoil" Scottoiler oil - Blue

  • Manufactured by: Scottoiler

(including IVA)

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Replacement BLUE oil for Scottoiler chain oilers.

The Scottoil refills do NOT include a replacement oil filler tube that is included with the Scottoiler kits.

"Scottoil" oil types

You should use only the Scottoil oils since the system is a precision device, designed to work with the viscosities of the Scottoiler mineral oils, in vrey small quantities, whether blue oil (northern European climate) or red oil (denser for hotter climates).


Scottoil oil is a pure mineral oil with no additives that may harm the chain O-rings and no "tack" additives that stick road dirt to the chain.

There are two types of oil available: blue or red.

The blue oil is appropriate for northern european climates(0-20°C).
It can be used all year round but during the higher summer temperatures the flow rate may have to be reduced due to the lower viscosity of the oil.

The red oil has a higher viscosity for use in warmer climates (20°-40°).
It can be used all year round but in the lower winter temperatures the flow rate will have to be increased to compensate,

In northern Spain and Galicia we recommend the blue oil, for southern Spain/Canary Islands the red oil is more suitable all year round.

Due to the extremes of temperature that many parts of Spain experience during the year, many people opt to change the oil during the year when appropriate. The two types can be mixed but may separate due to the different viscosities so its better to change oils when the tank is nearly empty.

In truth the red oil was launched some years ago when Scottoilers were first being exported and were delivering too much oil on the minimum setting. The systems are now much improved and the flow rate can be precisely controlled, rendering the choice of oil far less important.

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