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Scottoiler vSystem - Universal

  • Model: SO-SO-VSYSTEM
  • Manufactured by: Scottoiler

(including IVA)

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The Scottoiler vSystem works by gravity, supplying a small but continuous flow of oil to the chain, cleaning and lubricating constantly while the engine is running.

The system lubricates automatically using a light oil that both cleans and lubricates at the same time. You can easily adjust the flow rate to the conditions, maintaining the transmission and the bike free of old, dirty grease, thereby increasing the life up the chain by up to 7 times.

More than 35 years on the market, the Scottoiler is recognised as one of the very few accessories that will add resale value to a bike and probably the only one that will pay for itself and save you money and time.

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  • increases the chain life by up to 7 times
  • keeps the wheel and the bike easily cleaned - no more sticky grease
  • save time and money by NOT cleaning, adjusting or changing the transmission
  • very efficient: one drop per minute is enough to protect the chain
  • travel more than 16,000 km without refills (when using the additional HCR Magnum reservoir)
  • easy installation
  • for all types of bikes including fuel injection and two strokes
  • more than 35 years of experience and development

Comes with the standard injector that deposits oil to one side of the chain. For road bikes we recommend the Scorpion Dual Injector accessory.

Kit Contents:

  1. RMV tank/regulator 50ml.
  2. All tubes and connections necessary to install in most bikes.
  3. A 250ml bottle of Scottoil (enough for at least 10,000 km)

Click here to see bike-specific Installation Guides

Need a spare part? Almost all components of the kits are available separately here.


There are two types of oil available: blue or red.

The blue oil is normally included in the kits, appropriate for northern european climates(0-20°C).
It can be used all year round but during the higher summer temperatures the flow rate may have to be reduced due to the lower viscosity of the oil.

The red oil has a higher viscosity for use in warmer climates (20°-40°).
It can be used all year round but in the lower winter temperatures the flow rate will have to be increased to compensate,

In northern Spain and Galicia we recommend the blue oil, for southern Spain/Canary Islands the red oil is more suitable all year round.

Due to the extremes of temperature that many parts of Spain experience during the year, many people opt to change the oil during the year when appropriate. The two types can be mixed but may separate due to the different viscosities so its better to change oils when the tank is nearly empty.

In truth the red oil was launched some years ago when Scottoilers were first being exported and were delivering too much oil on the minimum setting. The systems are now much improved and the flow rate can be precisely controlled, rendering the choice of oil far less important.

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