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Scottoiler xSystem V2.0 - Automatic Chain Oiler (electronic)

  • Model: SO-SO-XSYSTEMV2
  • Manufactured by: Scottoiler

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The Scottoiler xSystem is the ultimate in "Fit and Forget" easy chain maintenance for motorcycles.

Comprising an "intelligent" combined oil reservoir and valve, the unit detects the bike's movement and starts/stops oiling automatically, to deliver a constant flow of a clean, light mineral oil to the chain. The constant flow ensures that road dirt does not accumulate as with chain grease and so cause the "premature" wear that is considered "normal" for a chain-drive transmission.

The xSystem is the easiest Scottoiler system to install, requiring only a connection to the battery and includes an industrial-strength adhesive support for the oil dispenser that can fold and fit to almost any swingarm!

xSystem Features

  • Easy Reservoir Fitting – the tank can be fitted to any part of the frame or under the seat and will work in any inclination almost to the horizontal (but reducing filled capacity/the range between filling). The reservoir is slotted into a support strut for easy removal and oil-filling.
  • Easy Connection – only requires a direct connection to the battery. No need to remove the fuel tank, identify and cut any tubes or make any connection to the engine.
  • Easy Oil Dispenser Fitting – the support for the oil dispenser can be cut and fitted to almost any shape swingarm, even those exotic curved Ducati models! No need for screws, cable ties or glue!
  • Easy to Use – the pump has fifteen flow rates which are available as 5 levels within three ranges ("Off-Road", "Road" and "Track") allowing precise control in any conditions.
    There is no need to switch the xSystem on or off; the reservoir detects the engine vibration and starts to deliver oil automatically.
    When the bike is switched off, the reservoir goes into a low-power standby mode automatically too, using only 2.3mA.
    The xSystem con be manually switched off for bike storage/transportation.
  • Extended range – the tank has a 60ml capacity which should last well over 2000km (depending on the flow rate selected)!

The system lubricates automatically using a light oil that both cleans and lubricates at the same time. You can easily adjust the flow rate to the conditions, maintaining the transmission and the bike free of old, dirty grease, thereby increasing the life up the chain by up to 7 times.

More than 35 years on the market, the Scottoiler is recognised as one of the very few accessories that will add resale value to a bike and probably the only one that will pay for itself and save you money and time.

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  • increases the chain life by up to 7 times
  • keeps the wheel and the bike easily cleaned - no more sticky grease
  • save time and money by NOT cleaning, adjusting or changing the transmission
  • very efficient: one drop per minute is enough to protect the chain
  • travel more than 16,000 km without refills (when using the additional HCR Magnum reservoir)
  • easy installation
  • for all types of bikes including fuel injection and two strokes
  • more than 35 years of experience and development

Comes with the standard injector that deposits oil to one side of the chain. For road bikes we recommend the Scorpion Dual Injector accessory.


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xSystem v2.0 Fitting Instructions (pdf) can be downloaded here.

xSystem v2.0 FAQ on the Scottoiler website.

  1. Choose a Location for the Reservoir

  2. Install the Reservoir

  3. Connect the Reservoir to the Battery

  4. Choose a Location for the Oil Dispenser

  5. Install the Oil Dispenser

  6. Install the Oil Tubing

  7. Filling the Tank

  8. Once filled, the oil in the reservoir must be forced down the delivery tubing to bleed the air from the tube, as shown with the Scottoiler vSystem.

Kit Contents

Unboxing the Scottoiler xSystem v1.0

For more information, download the instructions.

Replacement/spare parts are available by clicking on the part number in brackets.

  1. xSystem reservoir 60ml with integrated cabling (#1):
  2. xSystem pump support (#2)
  3. Tie wraps long x 4 (#3)
  4. Tie wraps shorts x 2, (#4)
  5. M5 Bolt, washers, nut (#5)
  6. Plastic washer/ring (#6)
  7. Flat Washer M5 (#7)
  8. Nut M5 (#8)
  9. Micro oil dispenser plate (#9)
  10. Jubilee clip for fixing oil tube to dispenser plate (#10)
  11. Multiform Dispenser support (#11)
  12. M6 Bolt (#12)
  13. M8 bolt (#13)
  14. Dispenser assembly (#14)
  15. Joint piece (#15)
  16. Injector Tubes x 2 (#16)
  17. Oil tube adhesive supports x 4 (#17)
  18. Luer connector (for priming/Traveller) (#18)
  19. Alcohol cleaning wipes (#19)
  20. "Scottoil" oil 250ml (#20: blue for cooler climates / red for warmer climates)
  21. Filler tube (#21)


How does the Scottoiler xSystem v2.0 work?

The reservoir contains a solenoid valve which opens regularly to allow the oil to flow to the chain. The frequency and duration of the opening is set by the flow rate, and automatically takes account of the ambient temperature to keep the flow rate regular in different climates wher the viscosity of the oil may change with temperature.

The xSystem v2.0 is not a pump, it is gravity-fed as the vSystem, but uses the solenoid valve to stop the flow instead of the vSystem vacuum-operated valve.

Do I need extra parts to fit to my bike?

No. The xSystem is universal since it does not require any connection to the engine (like the vSystem) and has an adaptable support for the oil dispenser.

Will the xSystem drain my battery?

The Standby Mode current drain is less than most alarms. If the bike is not to be used for a month or so, it is recommended to disconnect the battery in any case.

Current consumption:

when the reservoir/solenoid is active/allowing oil flow: 270mA

on standby: <2.3mA

switched off: <4µA

Can I connect it to a key-switched supply instead of direct to the battery?

Yes, but you will have to switch is on manually every time you start the bike, which is not very convenient.

Can I extend the range of the xSystem with the HCR Magnum/Traveller additional tanks?

The HCR Magnum (that installs behind the number plate) is not compatible with the xSystem.

The Traveller can be used with the xSystem but requires an adapter RM-230145BL to allow connection to the xSystem. THis adapter is included with the xSystem 2.0.

Can I use the Scorpion Dual Injector with the xSystem?

The Scorpion can be added to any of the Scottoiler systems, it fits most swingarms.

Click here to see bike-specific Installation Guides

Spare Parts for the Scottoiler xSystem

See the parts list above for links to the equivalent spare part/replacement.

"Scottoil" oil types

You should use only the Scottoil oils since the system is a precision device, designed to work with the viscosities of the Scottoiler mineral oils, in vrey small quantities, whether blue oil (northern European climate) or red oil (denser for hotter climates).


Scottoil oil is a pure mineral oil with no additives that may harm the chain O-rings and no "tack" additives that stick road dirt to the chain.

There are two types of oil available: blue or red.

The blue oil is appropriate for northern european climates(0-20°C).
It can be used all year round but during the higher summer temperatures the flow rate may have to be reduced due to the lower viscosity of the oil.

The red oil has a higher viscosity for use in warmer climates (20°-40°).
It can be used all year round but in the lower winter temperatures the flow rate will have to be increased to compensate,

In northern Spain and Galicia we recommend the blue oil, for southern Spain/Canary Islands the red oil is more suitable all year round.

Due to the extremes of temperature that many parts of Spain experience during the year, many people opt to change the oil during the year when appropriate. The two types can be mixed but may separate due to the different viscosities so its better to change oils when the tank is nearly empty.

In truth the red oil was launched some years ago when Scottoilers were first being exported and were delivering too much oil on the minimum setting. The systems are now much improved and the flow rate can be precisely controlled, rendering the choice of oil far less important.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a generic product which is displayed by default for all bike models. However, please check carefully the product description to confirm compatibility with your bike.

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