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FS365 5L

  • Model: SO-SO-0045
  • Manufactured by: Scottoiler

(including IVA)

In stock

5l bottle to refill the 1l/250ml bottles.

A protective, anti-corrosion spray for all metal surfaces.
Also helps to keep the bike clean as dirt does not stick to the protective layer, great for off-road bikes and quads.

The lazy way to keep your bike in form.
Available in 20ml, 1l and 5l.

What is it?

FS 365 is a mixture of mineral oils and anti-corrosive additive using a water base.

  • Prevents oxidation of nuts and bolts in those inaccessible areas
  • Actually chemically reacts to salt, neutralizing its corrosive effects and creating an insoluble barrier.
  • It does not contain any solvents, degreasers or agressive chemicals
  • It is biodegradable

How to use it:

  1. Clean the bike as usual
  2. Lightly spray the metal surfaces with FS 365, especially the hard-to-get areas where moisture and rust normally accumulate and then forget it! Careful to NOT get it anywhere near the brakes, if you do, you MUST rinse them thoroughly before use.
    The water base of the FS365 evaporates leaving a protective layer.
  3. When the bike is dry you can polish up any plastic areas with FS 365 for a great shine

No need for any other waxes or shines.

Review - "Delboy's Garage, Scottoiler FS 365 - 3 Month Wash Off"

Currently Viewing Product 3 of 3