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(image for) Grip Puppies - Grip Comfort Sleeves
The "Grip Puppy" is an insulating cover for handgrips. Available in two diameters: "Standard" for normal grips on a 25mm handlebar or "Large" for cruiser-size grips on 1" bars. Simply slide them over your existing standard-size grips to get immediate riding benefits. Features Reduces vibrations transmitted to the hand and wrist through the grip. Greatly...
(image for) RiderScan - 180º Blind Spot Rearview Mirror
The RiderScan parabolic mirror is a unique safety product offering a 180 degree horizontal view and eliminating blind spots. This product is the GENUINE, ORIGINAL Riderscan...not a copy. The mirror is centrally mounted on the windscreen or handlebars (handlebar mounting kit not included) allowing the rider to monitor both blind spots simultaneously without...
(image for) Windscreen Mounts (replacements) - RiderScan
Replacement adhesive supports (2) for the standard RiderScan windscreen mounting kit.