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RiderScan - 180º Blind Spot Rearview Mirror

  • Model: ST-RSCAN01
  • Manufactured by: Sportouring

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The RiderScan parabolic mirror is a unique safety product offering a 180 degree horizontal view and eliminating blind spots.

This product is the GENUINE, ORIGINAL Riderscan...not a copy.

The mirror is centrally mounted on the windscreen or handlebars (handlebar mounting kit not included) allowing the rider to monitor both blind spots simultaneously without having to take their eyes off the road in front.

The kit weighs only 140g and is made from thermoplastic with a sharp highly-chromed surface.

The mirror has four curves in the design.
The horizontal curve gives a view of more than 180o showing everything to the sides behind and level with the rider.
The three vertical curves ensure that
- even the tallest rider is always in the reflection
- the side views are clear, uncompressed and maintain their position even when the bike is heavily banked on a curve (see the video)
- light from the sun is not reflected into the rider’s eyes, due to the tight upper curve.

To help the rider determine the relative position of objects in the mirror there are location radii (lines) moulded into the upper face.

While the RiderScan should be used as a safety aid in addition to standard “Lifesaver” riding checks, it has been approved by the DVLNI (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Northern Ireland) as being an effective substitute for “Lifesaver” shoulder checks for riders with limited physical neck movement when undertaking a driving licence test.

Video of the RiderScan in use

Reviews of the RiderScan (pdf)


It can be installed on most windscreens using the standard mounting kit (included).

The standard windscreen mount is made from plastic and has adjustable arms to adapt to almost any curvature. The mount is fixed to the inner face of the windscreen with 3M adhesive pads.


The RiderScan parabolic mirror comes with a universal mounting kit for the inner side of the windscreen. The mounting kit has moveable arms to adapt to most curves and self-adhesive pads to stick to the inner face. Replacement adhesive arms are available here.

How to install

It’s advisable to install the RiderScan with the help of a second person.

  1. Thoroughly clean the inner face of the screen ensuring it is free of grease and dust and completely dry.
  2. Locate the vertical centre of the screen and mark it with a non-permanent marker or masking tape on the outer face.
  3. Loosen slightly the hex-head bolts of the RiderScan support.
  4. Hold the RiderScan against the screen and move it vertically to get the best side reflection.
    It’s highly recommended to use a second person to secure the front screen and hold the RiderScan in position whilst experimenting with the best position.

    Points to bear in mind

    - Adjust the RiderScan such that from the reflected image shows the rider, with the helmet right at the top of the RiderScan’s reflection.
    - Do not mount it at the same height as the grips: the hands on the grips will greatly obscure the side view.
    - Be careful not to obscure the instrument panel and not to obstruct the steering.
    - The idea is to reflect the view under or over (or both) the arms.
  5. Adjust the mounting pads so as to fit the curve of the screen.
  6. When you are satisfied with the position lightly tighten the pad adjuster hex bolts and mark the location of the adhesive pads on the outside of the screen.
  7. Once the pads positions have been marked, peel off the protective paper from the adhesive pads then carefully place the RiderScan in its final position.
  8. Firmly press the pads against the inner side of the screen whilst simultaneously supporting the outer face at the pads positions.
    Keep pressing firmly for at least ten seconds then check that most or all of the air has been expelled from the pads.
  9. Optionally you can stick the blanks to the outside of the screen to hide the pads.

RiderScan Installation Video

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  by Christopher (España)
The idea behind this mirror is clever and at first glance does everything it should. The problem (here in Spain) is that there is almost constantly a bright glare from the sun shining into your eyes. The mounting system provided is very flexible, but (frankly) an aesthetic nightmare - so I will be making new mounts so it is not stuck onto the screen. It is what it is - but if you have limited neck mobility it could be a life saver.


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