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Wild Ass Air Cushion - "SMART" standard

  • Model: WA-10000
  • Manufactured by: Wild Ass

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The Wild Ass "Smart" air cushion is a universal fit for most bikes, large cruisers, sport-tourers, adventure bikes and Harley-Davidsons.

The "Smart" style has a wide front-to-back cut-out to reduce contact with the scrotum, prostate and tail bone. The front and rear air cells are tapered for an optimal fit to seats with a raised front/rear profile also better leg room.

A Wild Ass Motorcycle Air Seat Cushion greatly improves rider and pillion comfort.

Easy to install, the user simply inflates the cushion (by mouth) as much as required. Download the installation instructions here.

The cushion reduces painful pressure points and promotes blood-circulation for a far more comfortable ride. The cushion uses interconnected air cells which adapt to the rider's shape, weight and seating position.


  • Reduces painful pressure points.
  • Increases blood circulation.
  • Reduces vibration and improve shock absorption.
  • Reduces heat and moisture build-up.
  • Overall greatly improved comfort.

Is a Wild Ass air cushion better than a pure gel seat?

Here is a pressure plot comparison between a pure gel seat and a Wild Ass air cushion.

Gel-filled Seat

pressure plot - gel seat

Wild Ass Air Cushion

pressure plot - Wild As air cushion

How it works

Wild Ass air cushion - how does it work?

  1. The cushion spreads your weight across the entire surface area to eliminate concentrated pressure points.
  2. A constant transfer of air from cell to cell promotes blood flow and reduces numbness.
  3. The cushion of air between the rider and the original seat reduces shocks and vibrations.
  4. The space between the air cells improves ventilation to dissipate heat and moisture.
  5. The tapered shape of the front and rear air cells ("Smart" and "Sport" models only) provides an optimal fit to the seat contours, improved space for the legs and reduces pressure on the scrotum and tail bone.
  6. The wide front-to-rear centre cut-out ("Smart" and "Sport" models only) reduces contact with the scrotum, prostate and tail bone.
  7. The wide, low-profile air compartments improve stability.
  8. The front contour allows a close fit to the original seat.
  9. The rear contour reduces pressure on the tail bone.


A Wild Ass cushion is available in three materials to allow greater choice to suit your needs and budget. The cushion is protected by a polyester cover which is removable and machine-washable. The upper layer of the cover between the rider and the air cells is breathable non-slip polyester. The lower surface between the cushion and the seat is non-slip pvc/Tricot™.

Polyurethane – "Wild Ass Lite"

Wild Ass Lite - Polyurethane

The "Lite" version is manufactured from lightweight polyurethane to provide an economical comfort option.

Ideal for the budget-conscious occasional rider.

Polyurethane + Gel – "Wild Ass Air Gel"

Wild Ass Airgel - Polyurethane + Gel

The "Air Gel" version is made with three layers of polyurethane and is more durable/long-lasting than the "Lite".

Gel pads are inserted inside each individual air cell providing additional cushioning, shock absorption and vibration dampening. The "Air Gel" can also be used without the air section if the rider wishes to feel "closer to the bike" but needs some additional cushioning.

This mid-priced option is ideal for daily use/long rides and for riders who demand more flexibility.

Neoprene Rubber - "Wild Ass Classic"

Wild Ass Classic - Neoprene rubber

The "Classic" version is manufactured in medical-grade neoprene rubber for the ultimate combination of comfort, elasticity and a natural feel.

Neoprene provides the best reduction of painful pressure points, promotion of blood flow and reduction of shock and vibration.

The Classic cushions are normally used by frequent long-distance riders for the best comfort possible.

Wild Ass Seat Profiles

"Smart" – For most cruisers, sport-tourers, Adventure and Harley-Davidsons.

"Sport" – For a narrower seat such as sportsbikes and some Harley-Davidsons.

"Pillion" – Rectangular for pillion passengers.

Wild Ass Review

Wild Ass Review (french)

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