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Deluxe Helmet Bag
Take care of your helmet with our R&G Deluxe Helmet Bag! Made from a tough, hard-wearing nylon outer and internal fleece lining, this universal helmet bag protects against dust and light knocks. The bag has an external and internal pocket for earplugs and other small items, an adjustable shoulder strap and fixed carrying handles. The famous R&G logo is ... more info
RG Racing -
RiderScan - 180º Blind Spot Rearview Mirror
The RiderScan parabolic mirror is a unique safety product offering a 180 degree horizontal view and eliminating blind spots. The mirror is centrally mounted on the windscreen or handlebars (handlebar mounting kit not included) allowing the rider to monitor both blind spots simultaneously without having to take their eyes off the road in front. The kit weighs ... more info
Huntercreate -
Helmet Hook for handlebars
Either you have already dropped your helmet or you are going to! It happens to everyone…unless you have a helmet hook! This simple but useful accessory can be installed in minutes on virtually any bike, scooter or ATV. While your bike may already have a securing point for a helmet, the Helmet Hook installs at the furthest point from the bike allowing the ... more info
Extuff -
Heated Grips - 22mm diameter
These heated grips fit standard 22m diameter bars only . The left grip has an internal diameter of 22mm and the right grip has an internal diameter of 26mm to fit over the throttle tube. Both grips have an outer diameter of 33mm. Heated grips add months to your motorcycling season and comfort to almost any ride. The temperature controller has 5 positions, and ... more info
RG Racing -
Grip Puppies Comfort Grip Sleeves
The "Grip Puppy" is an insulating sheath for standard handgrips. Simply slide them over your existing standard-size grips to get immediate riding benefits. Features Reduces vibrations transmitted to the hand and wrist through the grip. Greatly increased comfort from original hard, small grips Better throttle control from the increased grip diameter, especially ... more info
Sportouring -