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Cruise Controls

(image for) Throttlemeister
The Throttlemeister cruise control system, to easily maintain your speed on the motorway, rest and relax your wrist and avoid cramps. Reduces handlebar vibrations Looks good Does not occupy space on the grip like the Crampbuster Can use with gloves Discrete, doesn't draw attention Easy installation thanks to the bike-specific mounting kits Keep and re-use the...
(image for) Kaoko Throttle Stabilisers
All models of the Kaoko throttle stabilisers can be found here. What is a Kaoko throttle stabiliser? The Kaoko is a device designed to safely maintain the accelerator in the position you choose. It is not a cruise control, it does not maintain your speed; it maintains the position of the grip. Which Kaoko do I need for my bike? There are over 200 bike-specific...