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(image for) Brake Light Pro - Brake Light Modulator
The Brake Light Pro modulates (flashes) the brake light to wake up those dozy, dangerous drivers behind you, with 10 different frequency patterns available (+ bypass) to choose from. IMPORTANT: check your bike is compatible with this product BEFORE purchase: Healtech Visual/photo installation guidesHealtech User/Installation Manuals There are several versions...
(image for) iLogger easy - telemetry and data logging system
The iLogger easy is an advanced data logging system for motorcycles and other vehicles. It offers functionality normally only seen on more expensive systems and is unique in offering a user-friendly app interface for analysis, comparison, and the real-time display of data. The iLogger records data from multiple sensors and is an invaluable tool for analysing...
(image for) INNOVV H5 Helmet Camera/Digital Video Recorder kit (PSU1)
The INNOVV H5 Helmet Camera is a premium-level video recorder, designed specifically for use in high-speed activities such as powersports. This kit does not include the PSU2 with microphone. Features Video quality: up to 4K resolution at 30fps. Photo quality: up to 20 megapixels. Image Stabilisation: Sony 4k image sensor with image stabilisation compensates...
(image for) INNOVV K3 Motorcycle Dual Dashcam kit
INNOVV K3 Dual-Camera Dashcam kit for motorcycles/powersports. Providing compact, high-quality front and rear cameras and constant recording at 1080 high-definition, the K3 has set the standard for high-quality recordings in a fixed-installation camera system. The K3 can provide continuous/loop recording, accident videos, parking accident videos and...
(image for) INNOVV K5 Motorcycle Dual Dashcam kit
INNOVV K5 4K resolution Dual-Camera Dashcam kit for motorcycles/powersports. The K5 Dashcam kit provides the highest quality video recording possible in the INNOVV range with 4K video@30 frames per second (fps) from the front camera and 1080 resolution @30fps from the rear camera. The GPS receiver operates at 5Hz (most dashcams use 1Hz), updating the location...
(image for) INNOVV K6 Dual Dashcam kit - Motorcycle
INNOVV K6 4K resolution Dual-Camera Dashcam kit for motorcycles/powersports. Now in stock!
(image for) SLP-U01 Shift Light pro
The Shift Light pro provides superb visual indication of RPM threshold and ranges using a high power multi-colour display in an extremely small housing. Designed to give the rider maximum information but with minimum distraction. Main features: Uses a true-colour, high-visibility SMD Power multi-LED that can create any colour combination and can be seen from...
(image for) AIS/PAIR/SAS Valve Eliminator Kits - SmartMoto
SmartMoto AIS/PAIR/SAS Valve Eliminator kits annul the secondary air injection system, allowing the removal of the valve and the associated tubes. Is this product compatible with your bike? Check the SmartMoto Compatbilility list before you purchase! Browse the kits here.
(image for) Diagnostic/Dealer Switches - SmartMoto
The Dealer Mode switches for Honda/Suzuki activate the workshop diagnostic mode to show/erase fault codes on the dashboard. Please refer to the service manual of your bike for more details. Is this product compatible with your bike? Check the SmartMoto Compatbilility list before you purchase! Browse the dealer switches here.
(image for) Emulators
Modern motorcycles self-check many of the electrical components such as servomotors or sensors. The removal or substitution of original components with after-market alternatives will often result in a "FI" error code being displayed on the dashboard, and may even prevent the bike being ridden at all. We have have various emulators allowing the...