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Radiator Guards by RG Racing

  • Manufactured by: RG Racing

ordered on demand: delivery 7-10 working days

R&G Racing make various grille-style protectors for the area directly behind the front wheel most susceptible to damage due debris thrown up from the road or track.

There are protectors for the coolant radiator, oil cooler, exhaust downpipes and cylinder head, where applicable. The guards are available in a range of materials: aluminium (powder-coated in various colores), stainless steel and even real titanium.

Guards suffixed "TI" are aluminium with a grey ("titanium") colour. e.g. RG-RAD0188TI
Guards suffixed "RACING-TI" are made from real titanium. e.g. RG-RAD0188RACING-TI

  • "Radiator Guards" - prefix RG-RADxxxx
  • "Stainless Radiator Guards" - prefix RG-SRGxxxx
  • "Oil Cooler Guards" - prefix RG-OCGxxxx
  • "Downpipe Grilles" - prefix RG-DGxxxx
  • "Cylinder Head Guards" - prefix RG-CHGxxxx

How to find the right R&G product for your bike?

We have all but the very latest R&G products available for purchase online in the
Manufacturers->RG Racing section, but given the huge range of products it is really not practical to just browse/look for the product(s) that may be compatible for your bike and so we strongly recommend you FIRST find the R&G product model number by one of the following methods.

  • Use this up-to-the minute R&G compatibility document (pdf) to find the products compatible with your bike
  • Look in the R&G Racing website to find the products compatible with your bike.
  • Use the above drop-down menu "Show Products for..." to find all our compatible products for your bike, including those from R&G Racing (due to constant and rapid product development by R&G, this section may not include all the currently available products).

Once you know the R&G product model number eg. LP0108BK, just use the search field at the top of this page to locate the product in our shop.

If you cannot find a product, please don't hesitate to Contact Us as it may be a new product we have not yet included.

The Motorvista R&G Racing pricelist is available for download here.

You may also browse the R&G Racing colour product range brochure here.

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Currently Viewing Product 5 of 15