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RiderScan - 180º Blind Spot Rearview Mirror

RiderScan - 180º Blind Spot Rearview Mirror

The RiderScan parabolic mirror is a unique safety product offering a 180 degree horizontal view and eliminating blind spots. The mirror is centrally mounted on the windscreen or handlebars (handlebar mounting kit not included) allowing the rider to monitor both blind spots simultaneously without having to take their eyes off the road in front. The kit weighs ... more info
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Visorcat - Visor Cleaning System

Visorcat - Visor Cleaning System

The Visorcat is a cleaning system for your visor. It allows you to easily clean your visor with one hand while riding, before the dirt and bugs dry and harden. Essential for riding in rain and snow and amazingly effective in keeping your visor bug-free in the summer, the Visorcat is a great accessory to improve your safety in all conditions. How it works You ... more info
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V2 Sponge - Visor Cleaning Sponge

V2 Sponge - Visor Cleaning Sponge

The V2 Sponge visor cleaner is the winner of multiple awards as an essential cleaning accessory, useful for every biker. Requiring no chemicals, just add a few drops of water enables the V2 sponge to efficiently clean your visor of dirt and dead insects. Awards/Reviews How does it work? The V2 Sponge is not a ... more info
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