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Shocktube® - protective shock absorber covers
The Shocktube is a high-impact, waterproof, vented tube, made from top quality, bonded 100% CR Neoprene, double-lined with stretch nylon on both sides. Completely enclosing the motorcycle's rear shock absorber and spring, the Shocktube prevents damage from road salt, water spray, stone chipping, dust and dirt. The Shocktube can be fitted to most motorcycles ... more info
RG Racing -
FS 365 Complete Bike Protector Spray - 250ml
A convenient 250ml portable bottle of FS 365 for continued protection when away from home. A protective, anti-corrosion spray for all metal surfaces. Also helps to keep the bike clean as dirt does not stick to the protective layer, great for off-road bikes and quads. The lazy way to keep your bike in form. Available in 20ml, 1l and 5l. What is it? FS 365 is a ... more info
Scottoiler -
Crampbuster - standard, narrow
The Crampbuster is a simple but effective way to help control the acccelerator and reduce wrist fatigue and cramp on long journeys: it works as a lever so you can use the weight of your wrist to control the accelerator instead of having to grip it with your fingers constantly. It does NOT "lock" the accelerator in any way. How does it work? - see the video on ... more info
Scottoiler -
V2 Sponge - Visor Cleaning Sponge
The V2 Sponge visor cleaner is the winner of multiple awards as an essential cleaning accessory, useful for every biker. Requiring no chemicals, just add a few drops of water enables the V2 sponge to efficiently clean your visor of dirt and dead insects. Awards/Reviews www.motorcyclenews.com www.webbikeworld.com How does it work? The V2 Sponge is not a ... more info
Visorvision -
Indicator Adapters - Round universal
These are generic universal adapters. R&G Racing indicator adapters allow the installation of micro-indicators in the original indicator locations, replacing the large factory indicators with discreet personalised indicators (not included) to improve the look of your bike. This product does NOT include the micro indicators. R&G Micro Indicators: - ... more info
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