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FI Cleaner - "FI" Error Reset Tool
The Healtech FIC "FI Cleaner" is an economical tool to quickly clear an "FI" error indication from the dashboard once a fault has been repaired. IMPORTANT: check your bike is compatible with this product BEFORE purchaseClick to show/hide the Healtech Product Advisor Healtech Visual/photo installation guides Healtech User/Installation...... more info

Healtech Electronics
OBD-H01 OBD Diagnostic Tool for Honda
The OBD-H01 (On Board Diagnostics) tool is a powerful but cost-effective tool for investigating problems with Honda fuel-injected motorcycles and marine engines. The OBD-H01 is compatible with these bikes (listing updated 27/09/2019). You can try out the OBD-H01 (Windows) software with no restrictions, download it from here. IMPORTANT: check your bike is...... more info

Healtech Electronics
Kaoko Throttle Stabiliser - Honda NC700/X 2012, Integra Scooter 2012, CBR500R 2013-2019, NC750 2013
Compatible with: Honda NC700 (2012-), NC700X (2012-), Integra Scooter (2012-), CBR500R (2013-2019), NC750 (2013-2016), CB1100F (2013-), CB500X (2013-), CB500F (2013-2019), CBR250R, CBR300F (2013-), CBR300R (2013-), CTX700 (2013-), CTX700 N (2013-), CTX700 ND (2013-), CTX700 DCT (2013-), CB1000R (2018), CB650F (-2019). What is a Kaoko throttle stabiliser? The...... more info

Fork Protectors - Honda CB1000R(+), CBR1000RR(SP/SP2)
R&G Racing Fork Protectors. This product is compatible with these bikes: Honda CB1000R (Predator) - 2018-2020  Honda CB1000R (Predator) - 2021 onwards Honda CB1000R Plus - 2018 onwards Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade - 2008  Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade - 2009  Honda CBR1000RR...... more info

RG Racing
Kaoko Throttle Stabiliser - Honda CB600 Hornet, CB1000, CB1000R Predator, CBF1000, CBF600, CBF650F
Compatible with: Honda CB600 Hornet (2009-), CB1000, CB1000R Predator (2008-), CBF1000 (2008-), CBF600, CBF650F (-2017), CB1300. Notes - For 30mm bar-ends What is a Kaoko throttle stabiliser? The Kaoko is a device designed to safely maintain the accelerator in the position you choose. It is not a cruise control, it does not maintain your speed; it maintains...... more info

Dashboard Protector - Honda CB1000R(+) 2018-2020
R&G Racing Dashboard Protector. This product is compatible with these bikes: Honda CB1000R (Predator) - 2018-2020  Honda CB1000R Plus - 2018 onwards A R&G Racing Dashboard Protection kit will ensure that the delicate glass/plastic of your dashboard remains in showroom condition despite its lifetime exposure to the elements....... more info

RG Racing
Crash Protectors Aero - Honda CB1000R(+) 2018 onwards
Designed specifically for the Honda CB1000R(+) 2018 onwards. The installation of these crash protectors does not require the drilling of the fairing. All products supplied by Motorvista include instructions in english and spanish. R&G Racing are the number one motorcycle crash-protection specialist in the UK, designing and manufacturing bespoke solutions...... more info

RG Racing
Boot (scuff) Guards (3) - Honda CB1000R(+) 2018 onwards
These boot (scuff) guards are compatible with the: Honda CB1000R 2018 onwards Honda CB1000R+ 2018 onwards The kit is comprised of three protectors for the sides. R&G Racing Boot Guards are designed to protect the frame/swingarm from damage due to motorcycle boots. The flexible pads are designed to be unobtrusive but tough enough to withstand the wear and...... more info

RG Racing
Traction/Grip Pads - Honda CB1000R(+) 2018 onwards
Compatible with the: Honda CB1000R(+) 2018 onwards R&G Racing Traction Pads are a dual-purpose product. They protect the surfaces that suffer most from abrasion, and provide greatly improved grip on the tank/contact points. The flexible pads are unobtrusive but tough enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily and extreme racing use. The enhanced grip...... more info

RG Racing
Headlight Shields (2) - Honda CB1000R(+) 2018 onwards, CB650R 2019 onwards
Compatible with the Honda CB1000R(+) 2018 onwards, CB650R 2019 onwards. R&G Racing Headlight Shields offer a high level of protection for expensive headlights, with the minimum loss of light intensity. Each shield is 2.5mm thick and made from a high-quality, optically-clear acrylic, UV-stabilised to ensure the plastic will not “yellow” with long-term...... more info

RG Racing