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"Tail Tidy" Licence Plate Holder - Honda CRF250L 2013 onwards
Suitable for the Honda CRF250L 2013-. This Tail Tidy is manufactured in stainless steel and powder-coated in black. The original indicators cannot be used with this tail tidy, it requires micro indicators or any indicators with an 8mm stem. R&G Micro Indicators: - RG370 Bulb-type - RG371 LED-type - RG372 "Aero" LED-type As used at Performance Bikes, Fast ... more info
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Bash Plate - Honda CRF250L, CRF250M 2013
Designed specifically for the Honda CRF250L and CRF250M 2013-. This bash plate is made from aluminium and is available in a black (CRF250M) or silver (CRF250L) powder-coated finish to match the frame and for durability. The R&G Racing bash plate protects the underside of your bike from damage and road debris. All products supplied by Motorvista include ... more info
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Cotton Reels Offset - Honda CRF250L 2013 onwards
Compatible with the Honda CRF205L 2013-. The bobbins supplied with this kit are black. These offset cotton reels are designed to overcome the possibility of a standard paddock-stand cotton reel fouling the exhaust can under extreme suspension travel. The cotton reel is mounted to a replacement anodised-aluminium bracket (included with the kit), distancing it ... more info
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Crash Protectors, Black - Honda CRF250L 2013
Designed specifically for the Honda CRF250L 2013-. The crash bobbins included in this kit are BLACK. The installation of these crash protectors does not require the drilling of the fairing. All products supplied by Motorvista include instructions in english and spanish. R&G Racing are the number one motorcycle crash-protection specialist in the UK, ... more info
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Engine Case Cover kit (2) - Honda CFR250L 2013-, CFR250M 2013-2016
Engine Case Cover kit for the - Honda CFR250L 2013- onwards - Honda CFR250L 2013-2016 This kit includes 2 protectors (RG-ECC0159BK, RG-ECC0160BK). Ever seen the prices of a new engine casing or the cost of removing debris from your engine? R&G Engine Case Covers are made from 4mm polypropylene for strength, durability and good looks, an ideal complement to ... more info
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