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FI Cleaner - "FI" Error Reset Tool
The Healtech FIC "FI Cleaner" is an economical tool to quickly clear an "FI" error indication from the dashboard once a fault has been repaired. IMPORTANT: check your bike is compatible with this product BEFORE purchaseClick to show/hide the Healtech Product Advisor Healtech Visual/photo installation guides Healtech User/Installation...... more info

Healtech Electronics
OBD-K01 OBD Tool for Kawasaki
The OBD-K01 (On Board Diagnostics) tool is a powerful but cost-effective tool for investigating problems with Kawasaki fuel-injected motorcycles. The OBD-K01 is compatible with these bikes (list updated 27/09/2019). It is not compatible with the ZX-10R 2011 onwards as this uses a different protocol. You can try out the OBD-K01 (Windows) software with no...... more info

Healtech Electronics
Front Indicator Adapters - Kawasaki Versys 650, Z1000 2014 onwards
These front indicator adapters are compatible with the Kawasaki Versys 650 2006- and the Kawasaki Z1000 2014-. R&G Racing indicator adapters allow the installation of micro-indicators in the original indicator locations, replacing the large factory indicators with discreet personalised indicators (not included) to improve the look of your bike. This...... more info

RG Racing
Crash Protectors Aero - Kawasaki Z125 2016 onwards
Designed specifically for the Kawasaki Z125 2016- onwards. The crash bobbins included in this kit are black. The installation of these crash protectors does not require the drilling of the fairing. R&G Racing are the number one motorcycle crash-protection specialist in the UK, designing and manufacturing bespoke solutions for over 300 models of...... more info

RG Racing
Bar-End Sliders, Black - Kawasaki Z125, Yamaha Tricity 125 2015 onwards
R&G Racing Bar-End Sliders. This product is compatible with these bikes: Kawasaki Z125 PRO - 2016 onwards R&G Racing Bar-End Sliders protect the handlebar and levers in the event of an accident or fall. Very easy to install, the crash protectors are manufactured from HDPE and designed to be resistant to wear and tear but also to...... more info

RG Racing
"Tail Tidy" Licence Plate Holder - Kawasaki Z125 2016 onwards
Compatible with the Kawasaki Z125 2016-. This tail tidy is manufactured in stainless-steel for strength, with a tough black powder-coated finish. This Tail Tidy includes a number plate light. This unit will accept either the original (OEM) indicators or micro (8mm) indicators: R&G Micro Indicators: - RG374 LED-type - RG372 "Aero" LED-type The Tail Tidy...... more info

RG Racing
Traction/Grip Pads - Kawasaki Z125 2016 onwards
Compatible with the: Kawasaki Z125 2016 onwards R&G Racing Traction Pads are a dual-purpose product. They protect the surfaces that suffer most from abrasion, and provide greatly improved grip on the tank/contact points. The flexible pads are unobtrusive but tough enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily and extreme racing use. The enhanced grip...... more info

RG Racing
Boot (scuff) Guards (4) - Kawasaki Z125 2016 onwards
These boot (scuff) guards are compatible with the: Kawasaki Z125 2016 onwards The kit is comprised of four protectors for the frame. R&G Racing Boot Guards are designed to protect the frame/swingarm from damage due to motorcycle boots. The flexible pads are designed to be unobtrusive but tough enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. The kits...... more info

RG Racing
Fender Extender - Kawasaki Z125
Compatible with the Kawasaki Z125. R&G Racing Fender Extenders are an inexpensive addition to your bike but offer greatly increased protection for the expensive downpipes, radiators and fairings against road debris kicked up by the front wheel. Each model of extender is designed for a specific bike to ensure a perfect fit and an easy installation, using a...... more info

RG Racing
Fork Protectors - Kawasaki Z125, Z125 PRO 2016 onwards
Compatible with the Kawasaki Z125, Z125 PRO 2016-. The crash bobbins included in this kit are black. R&G Racing Fork Protectors help prevent damage to the forks, brake calipers and axle nuts in the event of an accident or fall. How to find the right R&G product for your bike? We have all but the very latest R&G products available for purchase...... more info

RG Racing