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Michelin TPMS Bike - Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Michelin TPMS Bike - Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

This Michelin Tyre Pressure Monitoring System is compatible with motorbikes, scooters, mopeds and bicycles. The system constantly monitors the tyre pressures while riding and will indicate warnings for each tyre for under-pressure, over-pressure, fast leakage and high temperature. Why Use a TPMS? For many years Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) have been ... more info
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Dashboard Protector - SpeedAngle APEX

Dashboard Protector - SpeedAngle APEX

Dashboard Protection Kit for the: SpeedAngle APEX A R&G Racing Dashboard Protection kit will ensure that the delicate glass/plastic of your dashboard remains in showroom condition despite its lifetime exposure to the elements. The protector is a flexible, non-yellowing polyurethane laminate, similar to that used on luxury cars to protect wheel arches from ... more info
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Enduro/Supermoto Footpegs (2)

Enduro/Supermoto Footpegs (2)

These aluminium/stainless-steel footpegs for supermoto/enduro bikes are lightweight but extremely strong and come with two styles of toothed inserts. Characteristics Footpeg bodies are CNC machined from high-tensile (7075), heat-treated aluminium. Hard-anodized in black, blue or orange. Grip inserts are stainless steel, and in two styles. MG Biketec logo is ... more info
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