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FS 365 Complete Bike Protector Spray - 1l
1l bottle spray protector A protective, anti-corrosion spray for all metal surfaces. Also helps to keep the bike clean as dirt does not stick to the protective layer, great for off-road bikes and quads. The lazy way to keep your bike in form. Available in 20ml, 1l and 5l. What is it? FS 365 is a mixture of mineral oils and anti-corrosive additive using a water...... more info

Thunderbox Waterproof USB Charger
The Thunderbox USB charger is ideal for external use such as on a motorcycle or quad. The standard USB 5v/2A output is fully protected against water ingress and short-circuits. and the input can accept a range of voltages from 9-16v. Although the charger can be connected directly to the battery or a key-switched ignition circuit, it is terminated for easy...... more info

Healtech Electronics
Smart Turn System - auto-cancelling indicator system
The Smart Turn System (STS) is an intelligent device that automatically cancels a flashing turn-signal after turns, lane changes, roundabouts and most other manoeuvres. It uses an advanced motion sensor to recognise the manoeuver and so determine the correct moment to cancel the turn-signal. STS Promotional video Compatibility The STS is compatible with all...... more info

Smart Turn System
Heated Grips - for standard 22mm diameter handlebars
Heated Grips for standard 22mm (7/8") diameter handle bars. The left/clutch grip has an internal diameter of 22mm, outer diameter 33mm and length 124mm. The right/accelerator grip has an internal diameter of 2 6 mm (to accomodate the throttle tube), outer diameter 33mm and length 124mm. The grips heat up to 35ºC in only two minutes and can be turned up...... more info

RG Racing
Universal Radiator Guard Mesh (12"x16"/30.5 x 40.5cm)
R&G Racing uncut aluminium mesh sheet (12"x16"/30.5 x 40.5cm) for a DIY radiator guard or to fill any fairing aperture. This is the same high-quality powder-coated mesh found in the standard R&G Radiator Guards. PLEASE NOTE: This is a generic product which is displayed by default for all bike models. However, please check carefully the product...... more info

RG Racing
Clutch/Brake Reservoir Protector
Keep your clutch or brake reservoir protected with our handy Reservoir Protector (Booty)! This black elasticated protector features a white sewn R&G logo in two positions. It simply fits straight over your clutch/brake reservoir keeping it well protected and cosy warm too! How to find the right R&G product for your bike? We have all but the very latest...... more info

RG Racing
Deluxe Helmet Bag
Take care of your helmet with our R&G Deluxe Helmet Bag! Made from a tough, hard-wearing nylon outer and internal fleece lining, this universal helmet bag protects against dust and light knocks. The bag has an external and internal pocket for earplugs and other small items, an adjustable shoulder strap and fixed carrying handles. The famous R&G logo is...... more info

RG Racing
Deluxe Leather/Kevlar Motorcycle Gloves
These R&G Deluxe leather gloves are reinforced with two layers of leather and two protectors on the palm to prevent damage to your scaphoid bone in the wrist. The thumb and index finger are fitted with a non-slip material, the knuckles are carbon Kevlar with padding and are articulated to improve comfort. The long cuff has a padded bottom and a carbon...... more info

RG Racing
DIY Moulded Ear Plugs
DIY Moulded Ear Plugs. You've got your bike protected, now what about your ears?! These DIY moulded ear plugs offer a low cost, re-usable custom moulded ear plug in a do it yourself kit. With full, easy to follow "No Mess" instructions, these ear plugs give you the benefit of a contoured custom fit to each individual ear helping to give all day comfort when...... more info

RG Racing
ACF-50 Anti-corrosion treatment- aerosol spray 13oz
ACF-50 anti-corrosion treatment - aerosol (13oz/368g). Available as a spray or a liquid for larger applications, ACF-50 creates a barrier between the metal surface and moisture to stop and prevent corrosion. It is also an excellent lubricant and penetrating fluid, to free seized/oxidised components. Whether you use your bike daily in all weathers or are...... more info

Lear Chemicals