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(image for) INNOVV K3 Motorcycle Dual Dashcam kit
INNOVV K3 Dual-Camera Dashcam kit for motorcycles/powersports. Providing compact, high-quality front and rear cameras and constant recording at 1080 high-definition, the K3 has set the standard for high-quality recordings in a fixed-installation camera system. The K3 can provide continuous/loop recording, accident videos, parking accident videos and...
(image for) INNOVV K5 Motorcycle Dual Dashcam kit
INNOVV K5 4K resolution Dual-Camera Dashcam kit for motorcycles/powersports. The K5 Dashcam kit provides the highest quality video recording possible in the INNOVV range with 4K video@30 frames per second (fps) from the front camera and 1080 resolution @30fps from the rear camera. The GPS receiver operates at 5Hz (most dashcams use 1Hz), updating the location...
(image for) INNOVV K6 Dual Dashcam kit - Motorcycle
INNOVV K6 Compact Dual-Camera Dashcam kit. The K6 is the most compact/lightweight dual camera kit available and provides Quad HD (QHD) video recording of 2K@30fps from the front camera and 1080p@30fps from the rear camera. The perfect solution for taking quality video footage of your ride and a security recording of the other vehicles behind you in case of an...
(image for) INNOVV K7 Motorcycle Dual Dashcam kit
INNOVV K7 Dual-Camera Dashcam kit for motorcycles/powersports. Innovv K7 details (Innovv website) Innovv Cameras Which Dashcam to buy? Show a detailed comparison table of the Innovv cameras. Product Front Camera Rear Camera Storage Features H5 Helmet Camera Resolution:4k@30fps   512GB (max) Memory card in camera unit   K3 Dual DashCam...
(image for) SLP-U01 Shift Light pro
The Shift Light pro provides superb visual indication of RPM threshold and ranges using a high power multi-colour display in an extremely small housing. Designed to give the rider maximum information but with minimum distraction. Main features: Uses a true-colour, high-visibility SMD Power multi-LED that can create any colour combination and can be seen from...
(image for) Throttlemeister
The Throttlemeister cruise control system, to easily maintain your speed on the motorway, rest and relax your wrist and avoid cramps. Reduces handlebar vibrations Looks good Does not occupy space on the grip like the Crampbuster Can use with gloves Discrete, doesn't draw attention Easy installation thanks to the bike-specific mounting kits Keep and re-use the...
(image for) Thunderbox - Accessory Power Distribution Module
The Thunderbox Advanced Power Distribution modules provides the safest method to add electrical accessories to your vehicle. Available in 16A or 32A versions, the module protects your battery from short-circuits, overloading and discharging. Versions TB-U01 : Supplies up to 16A to external accessories via a 5-way spring connector block. TB-U02 : Supplies up to...
(image for) Thunderbox Waterproof USB Charger
The Thunderbox USB charger is ideal for external use such as on a motorcycle or quad. The standard USB 5v/2A output is fully protected against water ingress and short-circuits. and the input can accept a range of voltages from 9-16v. Although the charger can be connected directly to a key-switched ignition circuit via a 2A fuse, it is terminated for easy...
(image for) DENALI B6 Brake Light with license plate housing
The DENALI B6 LED brake light is fitted in a black, powder-coated aluminium housing, intended for installation below the license plate. The light is connected in parallel with /or replaces your existing brake light. The unit can be used as a combined running light (50%) and brake light (100%). When mounting to larger size license plates than the US ones, it...
(image for) DENALI B6 Brake Lights with “Flush” mounts (2)
This DENALI B6 Dual "Flush" mounting kit includes two B6 lights and flexible gaskets for fixing to flat sufaces such as panniers/top-box etc, using self-tapping screws/nuts and bolts. Contents Dual "Flush" mount Light kit DENALI B6 lights x 2 Waterproofing gasket x 2 M3 bolts, washers and nuts x 4 Self-tapping screws nº4 x 4 Posi-Tap...